The scandal with the storage of baby food in the morgue: the Deputy was punished for taking care of the children

Скандал с хранением детского питания в морге: депутата наказали за заботу о детях

Russian MP who raised the question of why the store baby food in the morgue, he paid “most valuable”

This was announced by the head of Department of internal policy and public relations of the mayoralty Alexey Shibanov on his page in Facebook.

“Following consideration of the issues, the deputies adopted the decision on early termination of powers of the Deputy of the city of Yugorsk Pantina A. A. in connection with loss of trust, granted the application for voluntary termination of powers of deputies Sokolov A. N. and Kharlov A. Y. In respect of the Deputy A. V. Becker decided to postpone consideration of the matter at the next meeting of the Council on procedural grounds,” he said.

Скандал с хранением детского питания в морге: депутата наказали за заботу о детях

At the same time, claims Shibanov, the decision was taken unanimously in a secret ballot.

Verify that the MP Anton Pantin reported several times that someone keeps a box of baby food in the morgue.

“The first time the product was 1.5 million rubles, the second for $ 12 million. The products were stored in rooms with chemicals and nobody knew where she could get into if it had not been found”, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, a drunk Deputy made a terrible traffic accident in Kyiv region. The accident occurred about 18 hours on may 6, on a stretch of road between the city of Yahotyn and the village Sotnykivka. The driver of the car “Chevrolet Niva”, driving drunk, drove into the oncoming lane, where collided with the motorcycle “Jawa”.

In the accident the driver and passenger of a motorcycle, the villagers Sotnykivka, from traumatized died on the spot. Body 32 and 57-year-old man directed on carrying out is judicial-medical examination to determine the cause of death.

Behind the wheel of the car “Chevrolet” was a 32-year-old resident of Yahotyn, the Deputy of the city Council. He was detained by militiamen.
It is established that at the time of the accident the blood alcohol of the driver-offender was 2.0 ppm.

At the scene worked with leadership and investigative team Yagotynske police, forensic experts, employees of the Investigation Department of the police of the Kiev region, the doctors.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 286 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Set all the circumstances of the fatal accident. The investigation continues.

Скандал с хранением детского питания в морге: депутата наказали за заботу о детях

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