The scandal with the chief Advisor to Poroshenko gaining momentum, the verdict: “the Best punishment…”

Скандал с главным советником Порошенко набирает обороты, вынесен вердикт: "Наилучшее наказание..."

Law enforcement officers reveal how former adviser to President Petro Poroshenko, Yuriy Biryukov, looted the Ukrainian army

The court ruled on June 26 to host the main ally of former guarantor searches. The people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko on his page in Facebook has revealed new details of a controversial investigation and called the verdict, which deserves a suspect.

“Here is the whole story,” said the author of the publication. He said that during the presidential elections this spring, few of the companions believed in the loss of Petro Poroshenko. They expected that at the end of the term of the fifth President will be able to win the trust of Ukrainians and keep the chair. But the plan fell through:

Скандал с главным советником Порошенко набирает обороты, вынесен вердикт: "Наилучшее наказание..."

“Everyone had hoped, like Hitler in 1945, the army Wreath. And when the Chancellery was seized and collective Hitler was morally himself, began a frantic sweeping tracks. The Ministry of defence and firms strip away teams to clean up the documents, forget the schemes. But as always our officials, although the cowardly and corrupt, but the faithful of each new government more than the old one. Therefore, the first ran to take the oath of the Prosecutor’s taking a lot of developments for clients.”

Semen Semenchenko noted that prosecutors have raised from the archives of the jammed case on grounds of parliamentary investigations. Many officials chose not to destroy evidence of crimes of Petro Poroshenko and his team, and give them to the development. Probably decided that with Vladimir Zelensky, such a mess will not work.

“Then they began to signal with the local officials who were given the command “smoke papers”. With a cry of “manuscripts don’t burn” they all brought in where necessary. And the State Bureau of investigation decided that the new government is better to dig than not to dig,” — said the MP.

Скандал с главным советником Порошенко набирает обороты, вынесен вердикт: "Наилучшее наказание..."

The author noted that militiamen had held 40 searches. Except the “shadow curator” Yury Biryukov, they came to visit the staff of the Ministry of defense. As found by semen Semenchenko, the reason for the investigation was the procurement of substandard bulletproof vests, tents and kits at fantastic prices. He proposed to severely punish Yury Biryukov to feel yourself in the place of soldiers.

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“Not only that, these pido#aces clocked on the whole more than 100 000 000, and even poor quality … let’s Say, the best punishment for Biryukova with the company would put them on the body armor and shoot them right in. Of course now Biryukov will scream about political persecution, fasting associates with a strong heroic person and sticking all the pictures with jam jars “Delicious streams”. But they already know that this is only the first batch that they did not have time to burn. Will the second. There will be a third,” — said Semyon Semenchenko.

The MP added that preparing for the trial of close ally Petro Poroshenko. He gathers with his comrades in the battalion “Donbass” to literally celebrate the possible punishment to Yury Biryukov and his accomplices for fraud with an army to defend the country against the Russian invaders:

“Be sure to come with a volunteer battalion Donbass on the court to Biryukov and company. And look into the eyes of taruka who lied to the entire country about the airport, the checkpoints, the volunteers, Ilovaysk and debaltseve. Which five years were parasitic on the army. Already beginning to stroke shape). After all the trials of the marauders always have to go on Holiday”.

Recall Zelensky “took by the throat the” closest ally of Poroshenko, the court decided: “Helped to hide…”

As reported Politeka, cheap PR Poroshenko turned to shame, eloquent photo: so sad haven’t seen.

Also Politeka wrote that ally Poroshenko way to the “Servant of the people”, the Zelensky sharply replied: “it Turns out BPP”.