The scandal in Kiev: unknown brutally mutilated activist (VIDEO)

Скандал под Киевом: неизвестные зверски изуродовали активиста (ВИДЕО)

Forests and meadows near Kyiv like mushrooms after a rain grow high-rises. Some of them local residents are considered illegal and are trying to deal with it. This conflict often ends in severe beatings of activists.

A scandalous case occurred on August 8 in Cherry, the Kiev-Sviatoshynsky area. In one of the housing complexes, two unidentified men attacked and brutally beat the public activist Igor Grishaeva. The man received multiple blows to the head and was taken to the hospital.

Activist sure, he was attacked by titushky, who were hired developer.

“I have no household and commercial conflicts. The only conflict – land development of communal ownership of 10 hectares of Cherry, which is designed for the creation of a city Park. This site is illegally built by the company “Euro 2000”, — said Griazev.

He also added that the beating was preceded by verbal threats. Previously a young man in a group of activists prevented construction of the building.

Скандал под Киевом: неизвестные зверски изуродовали активиста (ВИДЕО)

Journalist and activist Yevgeny Deineko wrote in Facebook that the developer in areas designated under the Park is going to build 13 multi-storey buildings.

“And this without any documents. No, documents is, of course, but the developer just shy to show them”, — he said.

Nata Pachura reported in Facebook that according to the master plan, in the area where the developer wants to build high-rise buildings, was to blossom Park — the only one in town.

“Hundreds of saplings planted by the residents and their children, destroyed by bulldozers meanly and cruelly” she wrote.

In the Unified state register of natural persons-entrepreneurs stated that the founders (participants) of LLC “Euro 2000” are Sergey Pathometry, Lyudmila Pidhorodna, as well as the company “Tincel limited”. The address of the last – state of Belize, on the Eastern coast of Central America.

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Скандал под Киевом: неизвестные зверски изуродовали активиста (ВИДЕО)

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