The scandal erupted in the train of Railways, the conductor is attacking: “Go teach, nationalist”

Скандал разгорелся в поезде Укрзализныци, проводница атакует: "Иди учи, националист"

In one of the trains of the company “Ukrzaliznytsia” suffered another language scandal. The incident was forced to intervene trainmaster

Lviv train conductor No. 134 “Nikolaev — Ivano-Frankivsk” hamovity replied the passenger, saying that talking to him in Ukrainian language is not going to. The incident was reported the passenger Yaroslav Popovych on his page in Facebook, reports “”.

As it became known from the words of the passenger, the train served the brigade conductors of Odessa, and he got nasty Nina Vaculik, he even photographed and the picture published under the note.

Скандал разгорелся в поезде Укрзализныци, проводница атакует: "Иди учи, националист"

“Talking to me in Russian: “Your ticket and documents”. Ask her to serve me in Ukrainian. She reacts aggressively: “Who said I have to serve in Ukrainian? The Ukrainian language, I do not know, will not teach, I will serve in Russian. Don’t know Russian — go teach, a nationalist,” gave the history that happened in a few words the passenger.

Also, the report said that the passenger asked the head of the train. He called the behavior of conductors is unacceptable and promised to punish her if she does not improve.

It is worth noting that the guides “uz” language scandal. Frequently such situations have occurred in the Ukrainian trains with boorish attitude to the Russian language. The last time the passengers are not silent and “glorify” such a service in Ukrainian and dislike of the native language.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrzaliznytsya raises freight rates. Services for the carriage of goods by rail will rise from April 1 to 14.2%. In Ukrzaliznytsia noted that on March 22 indexation of tariffs was negotiated in the state regulatory service.

Скандал разгорелся в поезде Укрзализныци, проводница атакует: "Иди учи, националист"

“Indexation of tariffs for cargo transportation will implement the investment program of the company and will significantly improve the technical condition of the industry that will have a positive impact on the national economy as a whole”, — commented on the rise in the services Chapter of the Board of “Ukrainian Railways” Evgeny Kravtsov.

Recall that Railways was caught in a new scandal: details and pictures “hell” finds from the train.

As reported Politeka, ticket prices will inflate to 40 percent, which was prepared by Ukrzaliznytsia for the Ukrainians.

Earlier Politeka wrote that experts have uncovered, where the “Ukrzaliznytsia” will spend billions: “it is Understandable why business is angry”.