The scandal erupted before exams: students are taught that “Donbass is Russia”

Скандал разгорелся перед экзаменами: школьников учат, что "Донбасс — это Россия"

The Ministry of education of the aggressor joined the Donetsk region into the Russian Federation

This can be seen in the Russian Educational portal for exam preparation.So, in one of the tasks of geography Donetsk oblast is specified as a region of Russia.

The relevant question in the questionnaires posted state final examination for grades 9 and for the unified state exam (use) for 11 classes.

Task 13 No. 5752 reads:

In any of these three regions, Russia is coal mining?

1) Donetsk region

2) Kursk oblast

3) Republic Of Komi

4) Kemerovo region

5) Moscow region

6) Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug


The largest coal basins in Russia — the Kuzbass, Donbass, Pechora, Kansko-Achinsk pool, Irkutsk.

1. Donetsk oblast — Donbass.3. The Republic of Komi — Pechora basin.4. Kemerovo region KUZBASS.

Скандал разгорелся перед экзаменами: школьников учат, что "Донбасс — это Россия"

The relevant question is, in the jobs in geography for school leavers occupied Donbass.

However, to join the Ukrainian territory to Russia can not just the country-aggressor. Recently, at one of the schools of Odessa was a scandal for the map of Ukraine without annexed the Crimea, which he distributed to the disciples. The Peninsula just gave.

“77 school of Odessa. First class. The name I crossed out because he regrets his teacher, but somehow has a claim to the President. Me either stupid or a cotton carrion, so do not sorry at all. As its Director,” said one of the users of the network.

Скандал разгорелся перед экзаменами: школьников учат, что "Донбасс — это Россия"

Note that map without Crimea became the cause of violent reaction on the part of network users.

“We need every cotton reserve personally to look”, “need to publish in the parent public”, “well, that’s fucked up”, “it is a violation of the Constitution, need for such immediately affect otherwise not reach,” they write.

We will remind, in Brovary posted the infamous map of Ukraine without Crimea and Donbas.

As reported Politeka, Azarov disgraced with a map of Ukraine without the Crimea.

Also Politeka wrote that in Lviv there was a scandal because of a map without Crimea.