The scandal at the Eurovision song contest: Lazarev hard-disgraced during his speech, it was a fiasco

Скандал на Евровидении: Лазарев жестко опозорился во время выступления, это фиаско

Representing Russia at the “Eurovision-2019”, the singer Sergey Lazarev was attacked by network users because of his performances

In Israel yesterday, the 16th of may, was the second semifinal of the Grand singing contest.

Скандал на Евровидении: Лазарев жестко опозорился во время выступления, это фиаско

Representatives from 18 countries have prepared a variety of performances, songs and performance style, trying to impress not only for its original design, but the costumes, dance and original production. However, only 10 participants got the chance to fight for victory in the final of the “Eurovision-2019”.

One of these lucky ones was the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev with his song Scream. It is noteworthy that the highlight of these rooms was the decoration, made of mirrored screens, which broadcast his image (just released 9 screens, which flashed Lazarev).

This trick was not so special that celebrated not only the members of the jury, because a very similar room and the principle of his productions have been a participant from the North of Macedonia – Tamara Todevska. The girl managed to impress its number and many people were interested to see which of the two artists with similar numbers will occupy a higher place in the standings.

In the second semifinal of “Eurovision-2019” will fight 18 participants. They are representatives of Russia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Albania, Armenia, Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Switzerland and Sweden. And only ten of them will reach the final.

Скандал на Евровидении: Лазарев жестко опозорился во время выступления, это фиаско

To the semi-final party of Russia Sergey Lazarev was among the top three contenders. However, after the performances of all artists, who are in the first semi-final, fell by one point in the standings of “Eurovision-2019”. He took fourth place out of five in the ranking of audience expectations.

“Russia has so much talent! It is unclear why for the second year in a row sent Lazarev”, “No to grab can’t. Give way to young!”, “How can drop someone who was not raised?” – spat the Russians Sergey Lazarev. Many citizens of the Russian Federation believe that to win at the Eurovision song contest by just not.

Recall that during the dress rehearsal of Sergei Lazarev to perform at the song contest “Eurovision” began to have serious problems with the technique.

In addition to Lazarev with the hardware problems faced by other participants. Some were not working headphones and they did not hear how they sing. From Lazarev during the speech failed screens.

“Held a dress rehearsal of semi-final with Lazarev. So, the technique continues to falter, said to fire those screens at the wrong time, and problems with the room not only Sergei, but the rest of the participants. Yesterday some of the contestants didn’t work “ears” and they couldn’t hear myself think, so someone was singing off key. In General, all the nerves, apply that and how to fix it”, — stated in the message.

Recall that Verka Serduchka stunned their way into the Eurovision song contest with Osadchaya.

As reported Politeka, Eurovision-2019 is in jeopardy because of the militants.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrey Danilko in the image of Verka Serduchka still perform at the Eurovision song contest in 2019.