The Satyr is looking for a new investor

problemes-financiers-touchent-cabaret-spectacle(Trois-Rivieres) Less than two months after opening, the cabaret show The Satyr already experiencing financial difficulties and is seeking a new investor. According to the CEO, this is due to the marketing aspect has been underestimated and programming that has never really managed to find its audience.

“We do the best we can to adjust to what people want from Trois-Rivieres. We realized that yes, we wanted to encourage artists Mauricie, but there are no people who are willing to pay, “says Marie-Lyne Bedard, Director General of Satyr. People disliked the cabarets because it was amateur with artists from here and that’s what we wanted to encourage. But we must build on the tribute groups on what people already know. ”

The difficulties have even reached a certain threshold preventing them from paying their employees. “Are we had a hard time paying this week? Yes. But here, we want to pay our employees this week. They believe enormously in the project and they come to us to prove very hard. ”

Still, she does not intend to put the key under the door, far from it. The research also a mentor who could be involved financially while guiding them in this adventure. “We seek a new investor, but that does not mean that farm. It does not intend to give up, “she says.

She admits that some marketing inexperience may have led to these financial problems. “We tried to bring in new, but we did not think it was going to require much advertising and marketing and did not necessarily have the budget for it. It has all the good will in the world, but it is not enough. You have to be good managers. We really underestimated the importance of marketing and the power of social networks. ”

One of the doubts raised when opening the tavern was the strong competition that prevailed in downtown Trois-Rivières where everyone wants to have its share. These are however not the other bars and restaurants that have led to these losses. It is rather holding the VoiceFest attracted its share of spectators outside and emptied the theaters during the festivities.

“We had more difficulties in June with VoiceFest and people who are preparing for the Cirque du Soleil. In summer, it moves a lot, but for the theaters, it’s harder with festivals, “says Bedard.

“We do not just millionaires, you come from a small community, but it is still capable. In two months, it does not give us much time for large investments. It does not give us much of a chance to prove what we are capable of. It is a question of contacts in that environment and is doing them, but we must leave more than two months, “she argues.

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