The salary of the President of the UMQ remain private

maintenant-quil-ete-elu-president(SHERBROOKE) Now he was elected president of the Union of Quebec Municipalities last Wednesday, Sherbrooke Mayor Bernard Sévigny no longer intends to disclose the salary he will receive to assume this new role.

The issue of salaries of administrators UMQ raised in January by four councilors, has resurfaced at the board meeting Monday night, the voice of the citizen Pascal Cyr.

“How it’s paid president UMQ asked Mr. Cyr. Because it’s still public money. And even if it is an NPO (non-profit), (…) it seems that the opacity has no place today. Especially that the mayor has said that he was a transparent, before the various electoral campaigns he has conducted. I think it would be a nice transparent to the poor citizens who will pay his salary through their taxes. ”

“I’ve already said, replied the Mayor Sévigny, UMQ is a nonprofit that receives contributions of the 300 municipalities that are members and have those funds to come in support of each of these Member . ”

“There is a committee that was set up to review all governance UMQ, including the diffusion elements of information, he reiterated. He will report this fall. We will see the light of its recommendations if it’s relevant to publish this information, as well other information from elsewhere. ”

The contribution of the City of Sherbrooke UMQ was 84 $ 324.76. The board of the organization consists of 49 elected members.

Immediately called, immediately distributed
Just three months after her arrival, the Director of the Department of Planning and Urban Development in the City of Sherbrooke has resigned. Isabelle Ménard stepped down Monday function. Michael Howard will assume the interim.

Mayor Bernard Sévigny did not want to elaborate on the reasons for the departure of Ms. Ménard, since it is a personal folder.

“These are extremely demanding positions, he responded. Sometimes it was a lucky hand, sometimes it’s more difficult. It’s part of the life of an organization such as ours. There are about twenty senior positions at the City of Sherbrooke, this is not extraordinary what happens. We will return in search of someone. ”

Before arriving in Sherbrooke, Isabelle Menard was director of development planning in the borough of Anjou, to the City of Montreal.

She succeeded Danielle Gilbert who held that post from 2011 to April 2015. Ms. Gilbert Sherbrooke left to return to his previous job as Executive Director of the Canton d’Orford.

All this upheaval comes as service planning and urban development is highly sought by the harmonization process of zoning and subdivision of the City of Sherbrooke has entered an important phase until September with stage of public consultation. “Yes it falls ill, says Mr. Sévigny, but we’ll make do. ”

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