The Russians will be able to watch bloody moon, on 21 January

“Bloody” the moon will be able to watch the Russians this month. See the astronomical phenomenon will be January 21.

This is reported by the media, referring to the Moscow planetarium.

Early Monday morning, January 21 residents of Russia will be able to see a total lunar Eclipse. The natural satellite of our planet will be painted in orange-red hue.

This astronomical phenomenon is called “blood” moon, and it really attracts astronomy fans, and ordinary citizens.

Representatives of the Moscow planetarium note that to observe the “blood” moon the Russians will be able provided a good cloudless weather.

“The total phase of the Eclipse in Russia can be observed, provided clear weather from 07:41мск to 08:44 GMT in the Central and Northern regions of Russia, in Northwest Siberia and the North-Eastern part of the Far East”, – stated in the message of the planetarium.

We will add that in 2019 the world will be able to see five eclipses three eclipses of the Sun and two eclipses of the moon.

One Eclipse of the sun was already January 6, but it was a partial Eclipse of the luminaries of the Solar system. July 6 will see a total Eclipse of the Sun. And on December 26, earthlings will be able to observe the annular Eclipse of the Sun.

But a lunar Eclipse on January 21 will be the first in 2019. Besides, the coming lunar Eclipse will be full. Another Eclipse of the moon can be seen in the summer on July 17. It will be a partial Eclipse.

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