The Russians used brutal violence on a small child: “burned and kept on…”

Россияне учинили зверскую расправу над маленьким ребенком: «прижигали и держали на…»

The parents abused the child for two years

In the city of Liski of the Voronezh region of the Russian Federation every couple tortured the boy. Started the horror for the child, when the boy was only five years old. About the misfortune of the local media:

“The husband and wife for two years she was beaten, burned with a lighter and kept on a leash 7-year-old child”, — reports the edition “My! Online”. It is known that the grief of the parents found out and now they have to take responsibility for what they have done to the kid:

“The torture lasted from June 2017 to July 3, 2019. At the time of committing the first offence, the boy, son accused of improper parenting women, was five years old,” noted the investigators in the case. It is known that the child was severely beaten and tied hands to the bed so that he didn’t run:

“The boy was taken from family and placed in the Liskinsky social asylum for children and adolescents.”

Россияне учинили зверскую расправу над маленьким ребенком: «прижигали и держали на…»

Parents-the torturers were quite young — now 24-year-old mother of the child and her 29-year-old was charged and prosecuted under part 2 of article 127 of the criminal code of Russian Federation(“Illegal imprisonment”) and parts of 2 articles 117 of the criminal code (“Torture”) of the Russian Federation.

We also recall, for a long time, a child of five lived in this trash hell. Rescuers found the baby among mountains of garbage in one of the apartments of the Russian capital.

As reported by Russian media, residents of the home on the Leningrad highway in Moscow heard the children screaming and crying in the apartment next door. Suspecting something was wrong, the neighbors called the precinct. A policeman heard the loud sobs and called to the aid of emergency workers that helped to get to the apartment.

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According to eyewitnesses, the living conditions the girls are shocked from the doorway. In the home on the 8th floor was dominated by a dreadful smell. In one room was a real dump. And among the mountains of garbage was a little girl. She dug a lair in the waste pile.

Россияне учинили зверскую расправу над маленьким ребенком: «прижигали и держали на…»

Rescuers amazed how Muscovite was dirty. In addition, they found a wire that unknown, rooted in the child’s neck. It was put in the hospital. Physicians diagnosed suppurative otitis media. And safely pulled the wire. It turned out that the girl is not talking.

“The door was opened, inside the hell and horror. All littered with debris, it is impossible to breathe, food and water, not adults, too. Found only a five year old girl — she made a lair in the garbage. Not talking, purulent otitis media, in the neck grew some wire”, — said the witnesses reported.

Soon the apartment came a child’s mother. And then the police arrived and taken to the Department. The police have to understand the worst case scenario. We already know that 47-year-old Irina Gerashenko works as a cleaner. And previously worked as the financial consultant. Now the woman will be monitored via several examinations, including medical and psychiatric.

Recall, a nightmare in the city centre: the girl was the victim of a brutal attack.

As reported Politeka, seven-year-old girl died on the last day of vacation: “mom, help”.

Also Politeka wrote that 13-year-old girl was the cause of a terrible accident: they caught on video.