The Russians are forced to live on the bones of the dead 39 neighbors: “no other way”

Россиян вынуждают жить на костях 39 погибших соседей: "другого выхода нет"

The residents of the exploded house in Magnitogorsk will have to return to what is left of the old apartments

The tragedy in Magnitogorsk occurred on the eve of the new year, reports

Россиян вынуждают жить на костях 39 погибших соседей: "другого выхода нет"

31 December 2018 in the early morning in a residential building, the explosion occurred. The incident killed 39 people. Buried victims, those who survived, paid compensation.

Russian President Putin said that he ordered to demolish the house. But success in is still there.

While some residents have signed a petition for relocation, the other half refused to leave their apartment in the dilapidated building. And recently authorized experts confirmed the suitability of the home to live in.

“The authorities did not provide us as such housing. Received offers: here you have the keys to the new house, move. We were given kompensacii with the words: “find yourself a comfortable option.”” – says the woman who lived just at the entrance, which was dismantled after the rubble.

Россиян вынуждают жить на костях 39 погибших соседей: "другого выхода нет"

Families who lived in the house, in addition to the basic compensation, paid also compensation for “lost property”. Half a million was given to those who lived in “treshke”, lost two — bedroom apartments- 400 thousand rubles, 300 thousand — for those who were left without one-bedroom apartments. For “lost property of the first necessity” victims paid another 100 thousand

People whose apartments were damaged or completely destroyed by the explosion, angered by the fact that the inhabitants of the neighboring entrances, as well as former owners “dead” apartments paid the same amount as those who in the blast lost everything.

One of the survivors shared the story of another resident of the ill-fated entrance, whose wife and children of Troy were killed under the rubble:

“This Tajik family. They rented an apartment. Shukhrat of Ulfatov family were under the rubble. The man survived, and the wife was found dead. While Shukhrat was in the hospital, the bodies of his family was sent to Uzbekistan, where he was buried. Man long talked about the death of relatives. Don’t know how he survived the news. Like recently saw him at the Central city fair, where he works. According to rumors, right, about the tragedy prefers not to remember.”

It also became known that the residents adjacent to the accident site entrances which admitted livable, received the bills for communal in March, while this month the apartment is not lived.

We will remind that the fire in the resort village Zatoka fire destroyed 20 buildings.

As reported Politeka in Irpen massive fire occurred, suffered dwelling people.

Also Politeka wrote that a major fire broke out in Odessa.