The Russian plan for the destruction of the Kyiv Patriarchate and Patriarch Filaret reached its climax media

Российский план уничтожения Киевского патриархата и Патриарха Филарета достиг апогея - СМИ

On may 24-25, Patriarch Filaret want to make it impossible to engage in Church Affairs, reports the Internet-the edition “Persona”

The plan to destroy the Kyivan Patriarchate as the highest form of the device of the Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow has not stopped even after receiving Ukrainians Thomas.

As a result of working with the newly elected head of the DNC, Metropolitan Epiphanius to achieve its full loyalty and coercion to cooperate against Filaret, the Moscow-backed groups have managed to succeed. One of the closest supporters of Filaret Epiphanius became a sworn enemy. Epiphanius broke and made his means in this anti-Ukrainian geopolitical game — says the publication.

In early may, began a massive, planned and well-financed media attack on Patriarch Filaret and the Kyiv Patriarchate ideas. Tomorrow, may 24, to be held the meeting of the Holy Synod, and may 25, the Council of bishops of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. These events can be decisions about deprivation of the status of Patriarch Filaret, the head of the Kiev Metropolitan of the Department and sent to rest. This status should prohibit Patriarch Filaret to engage in the Affairs of the Church, to ordain priests and bishops. This is the actual compulsory isolation of recalcitrant Moscow Patriarch Filaret.

This time the idea of the Kyiv Patriarchate, for which he suffered and gave life to millions of our countrymen, and which was still wanted by the Metropolitan of Kiev, Saint Peter Grave, and now that personalitywe and defends the Patriarch, I want to try to destroy the hands of the Ukrainian bishops, led by Primate of the PCU — Metropolitan Epiphanius.

People, believers, politicians, and clergy, who understand the injustice and dangers of decisions on deprivation of Patriarch Filaret of their status, should support the Patriarch, and to prevent the destruction of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

24 may at 10:00, all who are not indifferent to the fate of the UOC, the fate of Ukraine, independence from Moscow, come to support this idea by Sophia! Because later will be too late, and the Russian plan to destroy the work in full force encourages the publication.