The Russian military was undermined on a mine, a lot of victims: caught a terrible retribution

Российские военные подорвались на мине, много погибших: настигла страшная расплата

A group of Russian servicemen killed in Syria

Officers of the Russian Federation was undermined on a mine. This is reported by the international media:

“In the Syrian province of Idlib, a group of eight Russian military was blown up by a mine.” It is known that in the incident three officers were killed and two were injured. But the Russians have a claim — “without loss”:

“September 4, there were no casualties among Russians in Syria”, report “Vedomosti” with reference to the defense Ministry of Russia. Most of Rossi write that before the incident, the Russian military group headed to the police station, but 30 meters from the observation post, two explosions occurred mines OZM-72.

The explosion could be the result of the operation of the Syrian anti-government rebels, writes the newspaper Al-Masdar:

“In particular, were fighters of the” National front for the liberation of Syria “”.

Российские военные подорвались на мине, много погибших: настигла страшная расплата

Let us remind that Russian combat aircraft destroys all life in its path — in the provinces of Idlib and Hama have killed many people. On Saturday, July 27, in Syria killed at least 15 civilians. This was reported by the Syrian Observatory for human rights, based in London.

So the army of the government of Bashar al-Assad and the Russian air force launched devastating attacks in the city AA the province of Idlib. As you know control of the city rebels, on the eve as a result of enemy attacks here killed 11 civilians:

“Among the victims were seven children,” — said the source.

It is also known that the attack about twenty people were injured, houses are damaged, the body continues to get from-under blockages.

It is also known that in Kafr of Evid killed another child. “In the province of Hama, the Russian aircraft got into the car, killing three of the rescuers”.

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Российские военные подорвались на мине, много погибших: настигла страшная расплата

We will remind, in April of this year, government troops together with allies, among them the Russian Federation, launched a massive offensive in the provinces of Idlib and Hama. The extent of the destruction as a result of frequent attacks — staggering — every day children are dying, women, and dozens of civilians.

It is also known that because of the actions of the militants suffered settlements Martinlogan, Bidam, Carbine and the village of tel Mannish in Idlib province:

“As a result of air strikes inflicted on the morning of 22 July, on the market in the village Martinmas, according to preliminary data, 17 people were killed, including the representative of forces of civil defense Idlib. In addition, dozens of civilians were injured “, — said the head of the office of civil defense Idlib (White helmets) Hajj Yusuf.

Recall that the terrorists got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants brutalized and spat on the truce: soldiers of the APU are the new loss