The Russian military gave the Sabbath to the Day of the airborne troops in the occupied Crimea: the scandalous footage

Российские военные устроили шабаш на День ВДВ в оккупированном Крыму: скандальные кадры

The day of the airborne troops in the occupied Crimea was, as always the Russians, with “highlight”

There children were taken hostage and opened fire on the audience who came to see the Patriotic “coven”.

In Sevastopol on the Navy Day, which is celebrated occupants of the 2nd of August, Russian forces staged demonstrations that they called “anti-terrorist exercise,” the newspaper writes Crimea.Realities.

Российские военные устроили шабаш на День ВДВ в оккупированном Крыму: скандальные кадры

So, adult uncle in the form of taking children hostage and showed how they free them from “terrorists.”

Actively, apparently, for the spectacular pictures used pyrotechnics and was carried out shooting from automatic weapons with blanks. Apparently, the occupiers have not enough or they simply went into a rage that even began to aim and shoot a gun toward the audience.

Ostentatious performance took place at Cape Crystal in the square near the Monument to Soldier and Sailor. And the action was watched by about two hundred people. They experienced that their “shot” rifles, not reported.

As we wrote earlier, the Russian invaders stunned the residents of the annexed Crimea the next “innovation”. In particular, the incident took place in Kerch. About this in his microblog Twitter wrote blogger Crimean Bandera.

According to him, in Kerch occupants installed fence on the pier on the waterfront and brewed between them with iron rods. Locals complain of the occupation authorities and claim that a similar situation is observed in other settlements of the Crimea, in particular in the village of Cliff, where a fence protected the access to the sea.

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Now the residents of Kerch together with tourists can admire the sea just over the fence. After the “newness” it is impossible to go down to the beach, and especially hurt the owners of pleasure yachts, who were deprived of the business.

Российские военные устроили шабаш на День ВДВ в оккупированном Крыму: скандальные кадры

Businessmen say that the invaders, instead of to transfer the dock to private individuals who would have repaired it and used for yachts, decided to close the fence, and sailors issued a warning.

Also the locals complain about the catastrophe that has engulfed the occupied Crimea. So, popular resorts filled piles of garbage. About this in his Twitter told blogger RoksolanaToday&Крым25%.

According to her, it all happens in the occupied Alushta and Sudak and mountains of garbage she calls “Spa installations”.

Recall that in the occupied Crimea stopped doing surgery under anesthesia, “shall cut to the quick?”.

As reported Politeka, Kerch bridge will collapse: Nibiru seize part of Ukraine and will hit the invaders.

Also Politeka wrote that the ex-adviser to Putin said that Russia will withdraw from the Donbas and Crimea: “Ukraine should…”