The Rowing Club of Alma helps its rowers

lac-saint-jean-montre-sousTo help its members cope as best as possible with the events that marked the latest edition of the 42-km marathon rowing Festirame, the Rowing Club of Alma has seen fit to offer them a meeting with stakeholders to a CLSC. This took place on Monday and it provided an opportunity for rowers and relatives to share the experience last Saturday on Lake St. John loose.

Club officials believe that exercise was very profitable, mainly because each participant experienced the events in his own way.

They have so enjoyed this information meeting on possible post-traumatic reactions that they invited the rowers of other categories do the same on Tuesday in a message posted on the social network Facebook.

“Remember that it is strongly recommended to participate in this kind of meeting, and regardless of how you feel. All those who participated in the marathon or indirectly (eg. Escorts, family) can attend. This meeting was very beneficial for the club and we thought you might be interested to go through the group stage also, “wrote the direction of the Rowing Club of Alma.

“The meeting with the CLSC stakeholders was held in the late afternoon on Monday, said a club leader, François Bourgeois. This is the club’s management has decided to offer this support to members. We felt that some in need.

“Most of the rowers were present, in addition to some escorts, relatives and friends. Only missing three or four rowers. The meeting allowed everyone to meet, discuss with stakeholders, etc. You never know how people can react. Nobody has lived Saturday’s events in the same way. Two (teams) were able to dock their rowing without too many problems. They suffered a little less of the conditions and their boat responded very well to the wave. For others who were in the race, it was more difficult.

“Our people have enjoyed meeting Monday. It is good for everyone. For example, one of the rowers who capsized came to the meeting by saying that she would never set foot in a paddle of his life. Leaving the meeting, she said she would be content to row on its river … ”

Moreover, Francis Bourgeois notes that calls on social networks to recover lost boats have generated extraordinary responses. It ensures that the club has appreciated the cooperation received. He found his lost boat after two days of searching, but they were in a terrible state. He hoped that the insurance will cover much of the losses.

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