The rocket Elon musk swept over the ocean: sensation from SpaceX, “tons of cargo aboard,” vivid video

Ракета Илона Маска пронеслась над океаном: сенсация от SpaceX, "тонны груза на борту", яркое видео

To Mineralno Cosmone pumping station CCB neglect. compan Ilona Mask

SpaceX launched Dragon Cargo to Mineralno cosmone the pumping station.

About TSE powdersit rosiyski ZMI.

Known that scho. to deliver a food safety and I obladnannya for naukovih experiments. Vaga the vantazh — 2,5 Tony:

“Stykovka s ISS budesa 6 travnia”, — zaznachene in podollan.

As the vehicle start namchi 2 travnia, ale Yogo moved through technon problems on floating platform in Atlanticom ocean.

Recall fмериканские Corporation SpaceX and NASA have developed a unique device that will protect Earth from cosmic danger.

“Test for double redirects asteroids (DART) has been under development for several years, and now he has a real launch date and a signed contract with SpaceX. The DART will go into space aboard the Falcon 9 rocket to blow up the asteroid in June 2021,” reads the message.

It is emphasized that DART is part of a planetary defense initiative, NASA is under development at the applied physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University.

Ракета Илона Маска пронеслась над океаном: сенсация от SpaceX, "тонны груза на борту", яркое видео

“It is planned that DART will collide with an asteroid Didymos. Technically Didymos is two objects that rotate in tandem with each other. Didymos is A diameter of about 800 m, while Didymos B (sometimes called Didymoon) — only 170 m. it is Assumed that they will be held in several millions kilometres from Earth in October 2022. It was then that DART and have to hit the asteroid at speeds of more than 6 km per second”, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, the first lunar landing apparatus of Israel Beresheet from a private company SpaceIL crashed while landing on the moon in the Northern region of the Sea of clarity. It is known that in the moments before the collision with the surface of the probe managed to send back the last shot.

Telemetry shows that the descent took place according to plan up to a height of 149 meters, where the main engine suddenly went out and happened emergency rebooting of the onboard computer. The unit did not have time to turn on and fell to the surface. After that the connection was lost 22:23 Kyiv time.

Recall that Beresheet videotaped from space sunrise above the Earth.

As reported Politeka, a NASA satellite has discovered a unique exoplanets.

Also Politeka wrote that the Chinese government has announced plans to launch artificial Earth satellite.