“The robots invasion”: viewers confused unemotional commentator

Users in the Network immediately remembered the TV series “the wild West”.

«Вторжение роботов»: телезрителей смутил безэмоциональный комментатор

Many viewers confused very unemotional commentator named Jaylen rose who during the broadcast of the NBA match never even blinked. In the Network appeared a video made by one of the viewers, which drew attention to the complete immobility and the absence of any human emotions in popular commentator, while the assistant adjusted his microphone on his head. Many users Jaylen reminded of androids from the TV series “the wild West”, as in the series created robots, no different from the image and likeness of man.

In the comments under the video, some users said that the invasion of robots in the human ranks may be closer than you think, as Jaylen rose haven’t moved a single muscle when his assistant touched his head, and before his eyes the game is played professional basketball players.

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