The rivalry in the past! Poroshenko suddenly an appointment Zelensky: “the Main question would be…”

Соперничество в прошлом! Порошенко неожиданно назначил встречу Зеленскому: «Главным будет вопрос…»

Petro Poroshenko over the phone congratulated the official on his election victory of Vladimir Zelensky

This was reported by the press service of the President of Ukraine.

As you know, during the conversation the interlocutors agreed to meet in the near future. The report said that, although Peter and glad that he was voted four and a half million voters, but now the main task – not to allow Putin to take advantage of the situation in Ukraine, when the power passed into other hands.

“We are all Ukrainians, all together do not have to give Putin a chance to use the transitional period in Ukraine, our democratic transfer of power. I hope that this position will find support and elected President”, — is told in the message.

One of the main advantages is the fact that the elections were recognized by international partners as a fair and completely democratic. About this Poroshenko also said in a statement. He also hopes that the new President will continue the same course in the EU and NATO. In addition, the President, Ukraine should demonstrate to our partners of a single position at a time when the distribution of Russian passports in the occupied territories the Kremlin carries out the next stage of hybrid war against our country. It is noted that through the distribution of passports by Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing the justification for a new round of military aggression under the pretext of allegedly protecting the rights of citizens of Russia.

Соперничество в прошлом! Порошенко неожиданно назначил встречу Зеленскому: «Главным будет вопрос…»

“Russia deserves a significant tightening of sanctions against it. This issue will be the main, which will devote the last weeks of his presidential powers”, — said the President. He added that to continue and complete solution to this problem – it is the responsibility of the new President. “So I think that we would have to coordinate our efforts. The rivalry at the elections in the past,” said the President.

At the end of the conversation, according to the report, Poroshenko agreed with Zelensky on a personal meeting in the coming days.

Recall that the Zelensky took the hard decision on the fate of Poroshenko.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky was stunned by the behavior and appearance on holiday in Turkey.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky first met with the head of the DNC Epiphany.