The right hand of Putin suddenly came to the territory of Ukraine! Scandalous details. Repeated “feat” of Yanukovych

Правая рука Путина внезапно приехал на территорию Украины! Скандальные подробности. Повторил «подвиг» Януковича

Before you leave, “right hand” of Putin, Dmitry Surkov decided to repeat the “heroism” of son of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych

This was announced by the blogger “the Fascists of the Donetsk” in his Telegram channel.

“By the way, yesterday, according to unconfirmed reports, was in Donetsk Surkov. With the type of farewell speeches to dinaricum supposedly spasiba for guatama and all that. Few people know, but for him saharas in the center of Donetsk did one skyscraper type inscription dynyra-When the light is off in one of the skyscrapers, were the lights in the Windows to visually read dynyra”, — stated in the message.

Правая рука Путина внезапно приехал на территорию Украины! Скандальные подробности. Повторил «подвиг» Януковича

Thus, in the words of the blogger, Surkov “is very proud of his brainchild.”

“Also, many have forgotten that Surkov – is the godfather saharasia. But the most epic that people Surkov obstructed the murder investigation saharasia, because everything pointed to performers from Russia, PMC Wagner. According to rumors, now curators will dynyra Babich and the Cossacks. This is not good, not bad, it’s just rumors,” he stressed.

As previously reported, prominent Russian journalist posted the message in the Telegram-channel “Bloody lady”.

Popular TV presenter, famous journalist and opposition Russian politician Ksenia Sobchak commented on media reports about the resignation of presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, who is called the “curator” of the fake “republics” of Donbass.

According to her, Putin aide has filed a letter of resignation two weeks ago. About this Sobchak wrote in his Telegram-channel “Bloody lady”, developing the message, “Nezara”.

Note that the official confirmation or refutation of this information yet. However, it is clarified that the rumors about the possible resignation of Vladislav Surkov went back in 2018.

Recall that in the Kremlin, probably, has already found the candidacy of the new curator of the “L/DNR” is Vladislav Surkov.

Russian ex-Ambassador to Belarus Mikhail Babich will be able to supervise the policy of the Kremlin on uncontrollable Kiev territories of Donbass. Now it is Vladislav Surkov. As reports UKRINFORM, the apparent rotation of the said Russian lawyer and human rights activist mark Feigin.

“Babich is considered to be a person who has a very close relationship with Putin. However, his as a native of the GRU assigned to those areas where the Kremlin wants to designate more drastic action. Therefore, his appointment to the curatorship in “DNR” and “LNR” can mean more drastic action there (as one of the options — including the recognition of the Republic),” — said Feigin.

The human rights activist concludes about the upcoming rotation, based on the incident of the resignation of Oleg Govorun, who is called “man Surkov.” Talker was removed from the post of head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation on border cooperation. Apparently, for this position and will appoint Babich, suggests Feigin.

Правая рука Путина внезапно приехал на территорию Украины! Скандальные подробности. Повторил «подвиг» Януковича

Recall that a data breach has occurred in the Kremlin: Ukrainians showed who was behind the protests in Poland.

As reported Politeka in the Donbas rebelled against Putin: “the conflict is compounded by the” scandalous details.

Also Politeka wrote that the right hand of Putin prepares ad in Ukraine: “it Will be a bloody mess.”