The revived coupe Ares Panther “lit up” during the test

Возрожденное купе Ares Panther «засветилось» во время испытаний

Ares Panther coupe will be produced in October this year at the factory in Modena. The production model will take about 24 weeks, depending on the specific order. The initial price of the car will be 515 thousand euros. At the moment, was already sold out the entire quota for the current year.

Atelier Ares Design has long been known in the automotive market, now experts are engaged in the project Legends Reborn, its name translates as the revival of the legends. The first model of the program will become a model of Ares Panther, which will be a modern version of De Tomaso Pantera in 1971. The first images of the car appeared in December of last year.

The Panther car was built based on the spatial aluminum structure with panels made of carbon fiber.

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