The revision of the energy balance will reduce the price of electricity for industrial consumers – experts

Пересмотр энергобаланса снизит цену электроэнергии для промпотребителей – эксперты

The revision of the Energy balance of Ukraine in the direction of lowering the share of renewable energy will reduce the cost of electricity for industrial enterprises

This was stated by Advisor to the Minister of energy and coal industry Sergei Cech.

“About energy balance is that can lead to real today the estimated production of electricity from renewable producers — solar and wind stations. If “wind” is more or less true predictions, according to “the sun” is exactly what this volume is not achieved, and therefore, the amount of funds needed by the transmission system operator (NEK “Ukrenergo” — ed.) to compensate for the “green” producers, it will be necessary for the whole year less. This allows in turn to reduce the tariff,” — said S. Czech.

The revision of the energy balance in terms of the actualization of electricity production from renewable sources is supported by the President of Ukrainian energy Assembly Ivan Plachkov. He is confident that this will reduce the price of electricity for industry.

“To review the energy balance from the point of view of operation of solar need. Because we have all the pricing skew the price of solar electricity. It is very high. And balance the volume of production (from renewable sources – ed.) seems to me excessive. So I think that the Ministry will adjust the volume balance, and then will also be an adjustment cost (electricity – ed.) for industry” — believes Ivan Plachkov.

We will remind, the national Commission in June approved the tariffs “Ukrenergo” for the II half of 2019, which provide coverage for the purchase of electricity produced from renewable sources. The tariff for electricity transmission is set in the size of 34.74 COP/kWh.

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July 12, the national Commission adopted a resolution “About establishment of the tariff for services in electric power transmission SE NPC “Ukrenergo”, reducing tariff by 10% from 34.7 to 31.2 kop/kW-hour.

The revision of the Energy balance on updating the production of electricity from renewable sources will allow to reduce the tariff “Ukrenergo” to 23 kopecks/kWh.

Reduction of tariffs “Ukrenergo” is a key method of reducing electricity tariffs for industrial enterprises.