The reverse side of vegetables and fruits: how to protect yourself from pesticides

Обратная сторона овощей и фруктов: как защититься от пестицидов

Favorite and healthy vegetables and fruits can cause serious health damage

In addition to vitamins in the first fresh fruits and vegetables in the spring contained pesticides, nitrates and other harmful substances.

As soon as the spring sun aktiviziruyutsya after a winter in the stores here there are the delicious cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, baby carrots, and cabbage, from which and smells of spring. But these products are not as safe as it might seem at first glance.

Обратная сторона овощей и фруктов: как защититься от пестицидов

Those who grow vegetables for sale, stuffed with pesticides and nitrates, so they quickly gave the first fruits and it would be possible to put a high price tag for a lovely presentation. About the health of the buyers of such fruit and vegetables rarely think, so you should be able to fend for themselves.

These methods will help you a little bit to get rid of harmful substances contained in the spring and fresh food from the garden:

1. Do not pursue too large fruits. It is known that the vegetable or fruit, which contains a minimum of pesticides and nitrates, Mature young and no longer increase.

2. Soak the product in cold water. Before that vegetables should be rinsed thoroughly under running water.

3. Proper pruning. In the petioles, the peduncles, the tips and the upper leaves accumulate harmful substances, so it is best these parts just have to trim before use.

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4. Heat treatment almost 100% of the chemicals in vegetables and fruits consume, but if you were to boil, then after boiling we should drain the water first, then add fresh water and salt.

5. Instead of salad dressings — lemon juice. Turns out, pesticides and other substances that do not bring health benefits, and often leading to food poisoning, can not tolerate citric acid and die.

6. To use fresh. Doctors say that brought from the market spring vegetables and fruits as well as greens is to cook and eat immediately. The longer these products will be in the refrigerator, the more they will be nitrates.

Обратная сторона овощей и фруктов: как защититься от пестицидов

7. A pill of ascorbic acid. It operates on the same principle as lemon juice, however, in this case, say you need to take a few minutes before eating.

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