The resignation danyluk: the Zelensky taken aback by the statement, the details

Отставка Данилюка: у Зеленского огорошили заявлением, подробности

The resignation of Alexander Danilyuk from the post of Secretary of the NSDC acquires new details

One of the most important issues on the subject of voluntary resignation of Alexander Danilyuk from his post is a confirmation of the information in the OP of Ukraine. It is reported Politeka with reference to the report published OP country:

“An appropriate statement of Alexander danyluk wrote to the President of Ukraine before the working visit of Vladimir Zelensky in the United States to participate in the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. The President will review it upon return to Kiev”, — commented President Vladimir Zelensky.

Отставка Данилюка: у Зеленского огорошили заявлением, подробности

We also add that there are various rumors about the reasons for the decision of danyluk to write a letter of resignation. At the moment the only thing that is more or less clear, is the fact that danyluk has not been associated with any possible personnel the findings of the President’s visit to the United States, most likely – the reasons for the resignation in the other.

Отставка Данилюка: у Зеленского огорошили заявлением, подробности

We will remind, according to local media, earlier Alexander danyluk was one of the candidates for the position of Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the USA.

Alexander danyluk was appointed Secretary of the NSDC in may this year. Once Alexander danyluk was Finance Minister, the team’s President Vladimir Zelensky, he was responsible for financial and international activities.

Recall also that the assistant Zelensky attacked the journalistand.

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Assistant and press Secretary of President Vladimir Zelensky Julia Mendel was surprised by the reaction to the attempt of the journalist to ask the question of the guarantor. This was reported by journalist Michael weaver in Facebook.

“Can anyone tell me in what civilized country of the world presssecretary President allows himself such at the moment when the journalist wants to ask a question first persons! This is called ?! Freedom of speech ?! You are there in the US about the new country you say now? Well, here are a couple of screenshots with the “new country,” he said.

The published photo shows how Mendel is trying to deflect from the President of the journalists of “Radio Liberty” Sergey Andrushko. It caused a violent reaction on the part of users.
“Just tin”, “Tsegolko when such was not”, “recess,” “may, Mendel fell in love with Andrushko?”, “Savages,” they write.

Отставка Данилюка: у Зеленского огорошили заявлением, подробности

Recall Zelensky call Putin, which the Kremlin did not expect.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is prepared to reduce taxes Ukrainian, voiced terms.