The representatives of the “Batkivshchyna” together with Korovchenko captured geriatric

Представители “Батькивщины” совместно с Коровченко захватили гериатрический пансионат

Today, August 13 it became known that representatives of the political party ”Batkivshchyna” Deputy of Dubil, Vlasenko and peasant seized the Kyiv geriatric order to withdraw the statements of citizens who claimed violation of their rights, and massive fraud on election day

As reported edition Vesti, it became known from the guests geriatric who are concerned for their lives.

“Today the area drove many cars with suspicious people. They broke into the house and started to threaten us, so we immediately withdrew their statements. Threatened, shouted, looked like they would smash everything around. Some became ill, grabbed his heart,” said one of the guests.

Thus, representatives of Korovchenko trying to intimidate people with disabilities and force them to withdraw their application — the main evidence of massive fraud in this area, due to which, Korovchenko has lost the chance to get the coveted immunity and mandate.

Представители “Батькивщины” совместно с Коровченко захватили гериатрический пансионат

“For these people, there is no Law. On election day we were not allowed to vote. Yes, the papers we have received, but did not vote. We took them and voted as they had. Now, when we are told we are threatened. They are bandits came to our home, and intimidation, they want to give up their words and testimony. For what? For the sake of power! It is terrible to imagine what chaos would ensue if he ( Korovchenko, — note the “News”.) get the mandate,” — said in the boarding house.

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Earlier, Chernihiv district court satisfied the claim of the candidate Prikhodko Boris Viktorovich to the District election Commission 210 County on the recognition of illegal actions regarding the establishment of voting results and on the recognition of voting at a polling station geriatric invalid, given the massive fraud.