The remains of the famous beauties found in the capital: “the thread led to…”

Останки знаменитой красавицы нашли в столице:  «ниточка привела к…»

In Moscow, the children found a terrible discovery

As you know, in 2014 disappeared famous artist, today, the guys at the river in Moscow found a skull that could belong to disappeared.

About it write the Russian mass media:

“The children found the remains – a skull that may belong to the ballerina Olga Demina”.

Experts sent the remains for DNA examination, but the portrait to hold it did not work:

“Not enough of the lower jaw,” say the investigators.

“The main clue is in this place 5 years ago, was the phone of the suspect in the murder Demina 37-year-old Malkhaz Gabaeva” — added to the local police.

Останки знаменитой красавицы нашли в столице:  «ниточка привела к…»

Media reports that the missing Olga Demina was a ballerina – artist of the Bolshoi theatre, woman looking for 2014.

It is also known that Demina and Gavoi were a couple – was the place to be passionate romance between them:

“But the man then married another. The girl used to Scam — married Olga on the other, they threw him to the apartment and money” — told in police of the Russian media.

Then the girl had to get to the share, but her lover gave:

“Arrange themselves”.

After both mysteriously disappeared:

“In 2017 the man was found in Germany under an assumed name, and extradited — he spends time in the “Matrosskaya Tishina””.

Recall also reported that he took his own life former head of the architectural Fund of the USSR Yury Dikarev:

“Yury Dikarev was shot in his apartment. As recognized by relatives, he didn’t want to be a burden for the family, tired of fighting with the pain. After another refusal from the er, which wanted to call the daughter of a pensioner, he locked himself in his room, took out a captured German gun and shot himself in the temple”.

Останки знаменитой красавицы нашли в столице:  «ниточка привела к…»

According to the daughter Dikareva, they take their granddaughter and heard a loud Bang:

“…as if from the shelf fell a book. Came to the door, with difficulty opened it and saw the dead grandfather.”

Recall also, sad news came from overseas to Ukraine. On the 65th year of life died Steve Golin.

As you know, the famous filmmaker for a long time struggled with cancer.

Steve Golin produced such films as “Game”, “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”, “Alive”, “being John Malkovich” and the TV series “True detective”, “Mr. Robot” and others.

The culmination of work began in 2016 – the coveted “Oscar” for the contemporary social drama “In the spotlight”.

We will remind, has left the life of “the fastest woman in the world.”

As reported Politeka, stopped the heart of a legendary artist: “Gone, like a real Cossack.”

Also Politeka wrote that the new Zaitseva blew a stop in Kiev: people scattered like bowling pins.