The Regional Sports in Brief

1222623The Cataractes will play in Becancour

Shawinigan Cataractes and Victoriaville Tigres will face off in Bécancour, 23 August, in the preseason of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. The two clubs face off at Roland Rheault arena. The QMJHL announced Monday scheduling some exhibition games, including a return to the Magdalen Islands.

Table Tennis: after Three Rivers, Winnipeg
After receiving the cream of table tennis players of the country in August 2015 its Trois-Rivières plant, the club Ping-O-Max will delegate three colors door to the Canadian Table Tennis Championship, the most important event of the season.

Luc and Nicolas Sicard brothers as coach Martin Marcotte flew to Winnipeg on Monday, where the two brothers aspire to great ambitions, those who find themselves in the group of four best table tennis players aged 18 at least in Quebec.

Team Quebec is also a bronze medal in this category and Luc Sicard will have a say in the success or failure of the members of fleurdelisé. He is currently listed as the 13th favorite singles and sixth grade at double 18 in the company of an athlete from Brossard.

The Sicard brothers will not be in unknown territory as their coach Ping-O-Max, Martin Marcotte, will also act as head of the Quebec delegation. The championship will be held from July 5 to 10.

Hockey: Blizzard agrees with six players
The Blizzard of Trois-Rivieres has agreements with six players for next season, whose scabby forward Mathieu Guertin who totaled 29 points in 33 games last year in addition to spending 129 minutes in the penalty box.

The organization trifluvienne also completed agreements with Olivier Hotte and Vincent Richer defenders, the attackers and Tommy Castonguay Vincent Marcoux more guards Louis Ménard and Marc-Antoine Gélinas.

Dekhockey: the stars shine July 9
Responding to a request of his players, Dekhockey Trois-Rivières will host its first-Star Game Saturday, July 9, at the Centre for the 3Rs Dekhockey Martin Bergeron Park. “With the all-star game, we will allow players to put their skills to the test against the best in their class,” says the manager of the sports facilities at the Sports Complex Alphonse-Desjardins Jean Hould.

One player per team will select up to 20 players, and within 18 categories. Several prizes and participation will be distributed and a skills competition will also be organized.

Triathlon: Triathletes are illustrated in Victoriaville
The city of Victoriaville hosted its traditional Grand Prix de Triathlon, late last week, and a strong local athletes contingent went there to participate in the tests.

No less than 80 people in the region, 40 of Trimégo club took part in the event. The day of Saturday was devoted to two competitions and some triathletes here have done well enough to get a podium. This is the case of Isabelle Gagnon (second in the women with a time of 20 min 11 sec) and Pavlos Antoniades (second in men with a time of 17 min 2 sec).

Then, the distance of the sprint was featured Sunday in various age groups. Maude Lasalle (20-29) took the third level, while Justine Desroches-Goyette was second in 16-19. Maximilien Moreau also very looked good taking second place overall, who was enrolled in the class 20-29 years.

The side of the falls, Frédérique St-Pierre (U9) dominated its class while Zoey Paquin, registered in the under 5 years, finished second.

Athletics: a third standard for Custeau
Already qualified for the Canadian Youth Championships, which will be presented in Sainte-Thérèse in August, the Trois-Rivières Jade Custeau added a third standard has its table of hunting this weekend at the Classic Lachine.

The color-door Energy Club won the 300 m in 41.51 s among younger. Custeau also participate in the 800 and 1,500 meter steeple chase at the rendezvous national youth.

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