The Red Carpet forced break for the summer

faute-films-auteurs-quebecois-etrangers(Trois-Rivieres) Not having enough movies to Quebec and foreign authors to present to the public during the summer, film The Red Carpet Three Rivers chose to close its doors for a two month period, July 8 to September 8.

The owner, Jacques Foisy, speaks of an unprecedented shortage of Quebec and foreign authors films, and that “the film scene this summer leaves the field open to American steamroller that will occupy almost the whole stage with, among others , Tarzan returns, Ben-Hur, ice age, Star Trek, Ghostbusters and a few other occasions. ”

“This is the first time in over thirty years of experience I see the film offers collapse at this point in the summer. I had the choice between taking a break for two months or distort the cinema, “says Mr. Foisy.

Red Carpet of the activities will resume on September 9 with a particular programming including “Kiss me like you love me” André Forcier and “Saint-Amour” with Gerard Depardieu.

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