The Red and Black wins and loses

The team had just won his first exhibition game in 2016. But that did not celebrate stronger in the Red and Black. It’s rather crossed fingers.
One of his best players last fall was injured on the first offensive sequence, Monday in the 18-14 win against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in front of an announced crowd of 17,947 fans at the TD Place. The running back William Powell spent the rest of the evening leaning against crutches.

Never a scene that is reassuring direction.

Powell held his left leg after being tackled by Shayon Green on a three-yard run. Forty seconds before he had carried the ball 15 yards.

“Honestly, I feel no pain. But I did not feel comfortable, supported Powell.

“I opted for caution (…) I am confident that everything will be okay. I am positive in nature. ”

The number 29 played seven games last fall, recording 447 rushing yards and 158 yards more and pass receptions. His brilliantly convinced the organization to let Jeremiah Johnson on the free agent market.

It was not the only lame.

The head kicker clearances, Ronnie Pfeffer, spent most of the first half on the table of the healer.

Chris Milo took over, with more or less success. However, he still managed three investment.

“Our lord Dave was busier than we would have liked,” said head coach Rick Campbell.

Both injuries were the highlight of this first game out of competition to be played in the national capital since the return of the CFL. The Red and Black had to play its pre-season games on the road in the first two years because of construction at Lansdowne Park and the coming of the World Cup women’s soccer.

Mostly it was the first match of the club since its heartbreaking defeat in the final of the Grey Cup.

Defensive biting …

The first observation?

Defensive well have lost large chunks during the winter, it still has some bite. A lot.

Ottawa has limited the visitors to two field goals and 75 yards in the first half. Moton Hopkins scored a bag and newcomer Arnaud Gascon-Nadon was also annoying after a poodle leg of a factor.

The defense has also halted the Bombers twice on third.

What the coach liked least?

“We missed a few passes and we copped some penalties,” said Campbell.

The catcher Brad Sinopoli was notably pinched twice for an illegal block that canceled the gains of his team. He later resumed in the second quarter to put away the only touchdown of his own, taking a pass from seven yards of Henry Burris.

The veteran quarterback played a half, completing 13 of 21 passes 158 yards pure. Some of his targets, including Chris Williams had slippery hands.

Rose seductive fashion
His hiring is unnoticed, it a week ago. But Jonathan Rose has found a way to talk to him in the last hours.

As a bonus, it was the right way.

The younger half of American corner aged 22 blocked a punt converted Blue Bombers in the third quarter. Better, he even recovered the ball.

“I have to take every opportunity you offer me to make a big play, coaches to impress me. The time window is not great to do if I want to stay here, “stated Rose, smiling. A smile that revealed his six teeth plated in gold.

“That’s why I played in all special units in the college ranks in Nebraska. I thought it could use it to access in the pros, “said he said.

Another who is fighting for a position who has scored points?

Jake Harty, who caught two passes for 36 yards early in the game. The Red and Black toying with the idea of ​​launching the season with two Canadian recipients in its starting lineup.

His performance did not surprise quarterback Henry Burris.

“Jake has managed big plays for us during the training camp,” he said.

bad night

One that did not help his cause?

Cornerback Dior Mathis, who is on the short list to return punts. He escaped a ball in the fourth quarter.

The officials also seemed wrong in this part. Particularly late in the first half when they canceled the hit running back Travon Van.

The recovery showed that he had never set foot out of bounds.

The coach Rick Campbell wanted to call, throwing his yellow handkerchief on the game. But he learned the hard way that “this type of game can be seen” by the video judge, he noted.

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