The rains and the sun does not divide the Ukraine: the weatherman presented a new Outlook

Дожди и солнце никак не поделят Украину: синоптики представили новый прогноз

Summer once again shows your character. One part of the country in the power shower, the other dry and Sunny. In some regions the temperature has again become more similar to autumn, in others it’s hot as hell. Read more? Read the weather forecast for Thursday, August 15

According to the forecasts of the hydrometeorological center, Ukraine does not divide the sun and rain.

The cold snap and precipitation for today weather forecasters promise to the Western region. At night, the thermometer here you will see +12…14°, and in the afternoon only +19…+21.

In the North after yesterday’s rain and Thursday will be Sunny. Night in the region air temperature +16…+18, and the day will rise to +29…+31°.

Clear and Sunny is also in the East. At night, it’s +17…+19° C, and in the afternoon already to +30…+32°.

In the Center of Ukraine , partly cloudy weather. Here at night will be +16…+18, and the day hotter, up to +30…+32.

In the South of the country is hot and Sunny. Night in region +17…+19, and in the afternoon on thermometers will be possible to see the temperature of air +30…+32°.

A few clouds in the Crimea. Night on the Peninsula +16…+18, the day temperature +29…+31°.

In Kiev , weather forecasters promise that dry. Night in capital +16…+18° C, and at +24…+26.

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The wind will blow, though from the South, but clear. His strength and speed be 7-12 m/s.

Дожди и солнце никак не поделят Украину: синоптики представили новый прогноз

Recall, summer has left Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

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Also Politeka wrote that the anomalous weather led to the disaster: all records broken.