The question of the Russian language Zelensky looks like a “dressed Poroshenko”, only Medvedchuk behaves consistently, – the political strategist

В вопросе русского языка Зеленский выглядит как «переодетый Порошенко», только Медведчук ведет себя последовательно, - политтехнолог

In fact, the new Minister of education Hanna Novosad, who announced that by September 2020 all Russian schools will be forced to move into the Ukrainian language, did not say anything new

This opinion on the website of “Correspondent” said the strategist Sergiy Lozovsky.

Sergei Lozovsky says that “this norm is in the law, just ¾ of voters who voted for Zelensky in the election, protested the fact that the new government behaves as a “disguised Poroshenko”.

According to Lozovsky, “Zelenski and his team demonstrated that they will continue the policy of Poroshenko on the offensive in the Russian language.”

Among all the parliamentary forces only the party of Viktor Medvedchuk protects the rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, said Lozovsky.

“In fact, among all the parliamentary forces only party of Medvedchuk defends the rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. It should be noted that the team Zelensky came to power with the votes of opposition voters who did not take rabid nationalism Poroshenko and believe that the promises Zelensky about the world, language, freedom of speech is not an empty promise. Unfortunately, it was that way”, — stated the analyst.

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Sergei Lozovsky noted that, in contrast to Zelensky, “the Opposition platform” behaves consistently. He also stresses that the Medvedchuk and his associates have experience fighting against discrimination on linguistic grounds through the courts.

“In contrast with Zelensky, “the Opposition platform For life” behaves consistently. It is necessary to remind that Medvedchuk and his party have the experience of successful struggle against discriminatory decisions, the Russian ban of the product in a number of areas”, — he stressed.

“So, at the suit of the party court in February 2019 reversed the decision of Zhytomyr regional Council from 25.10. 2018 the moratorium on public use of the Russian-speaking cultural product as such, that “contrary to some articles of the Constitution and other laws”. Earlier, in October 2018, lawyers Medvedchuk appealed a similar decision of the Lviv regional Council”, — the analyst has specified.

Lozovsky quotes the position of Viktor Medvedchuk, who commented on the situation in the way that Zelensky has violated his campaign promises and headed policy of discrimination against Russian speakers.

Lozovsky sure that these actions of the new government runs the risk to end up with the same meager level of support as Poroshenko.

“And then I want to show the new government, and to note that 73% can easily turn into 8%. It’s just. You just have to ignore people and to meet the expectations of voters. You sure you want this?”, — sarcastically asked the analyst Sergiy Lozovsky.