The Queen ridiculed for a new video: “the voice is not present at you, shame”

Королеву подняли на смех за новое видео: «голоса нету у тебя, позорище»

Famous Russian singer made fun of the network for a bad outfit and at least fake singing

It is reported by the Clutch.

“The 45-year-old singer Natasha Queen decided to show off the singing abilities near the lake, on which floated swans. The singer performed an excerpt from the song “White Swan on a pond” — said in the message.

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Note that the appearance Queen, and her singing is liked by everyone.

“Natasha, you do not have a voice the next morning. Your friend that sings better”, “How do you NOT sing”, “Natasha, you’re like a dummy wearing ?”, “What dressed like that is not the topic…”, “clean village hohlushka from the village”, “the Pants would need hemming”, “Natasha, damn, well, you’re just like me in the store for milk wearing”, “Natasha, well, just what the pawnshop her God!” “and the voice then where?”. — they write.

As previously reported, Natalia, who received a ban on entry to Ukraine, published a picture, which is not concealed leaning on the singer age

In the photo the singer was wrapped in a fur coat and was wearing a fur cap. The singer was also wearing sunglasses.

The photo artist was in Dusseldorf, where she said it was cold.

However, the demonstration network of furs has caused anger among subscribers. Users have called her “Granny” and said that nobody wears.

“Babusja, This is probably a trick???”, “Aunt all”, “Disgusting, a woman rose”, “Old”, “Ahhh!!!! Well FSE!!!!!! Aunt!!!!!! Age has taken its toll !!!!!”, “Mdaaa aged you Natasha …. and the hat is a knockout,” “the drunk looks like, I’m sorry”, “I remember when she was still on the scene jumped at fanerku. I’m old! But the fact that she is still alive leaves hope, so not so old,” write subscribers in the social network.

Королеву подняли на смех за новое видео: «голоса нету у тебя, позорище»

We will remind, earlier the Queen with Tarzan boasted of role-playing games, sparking mixed reactions.

As reported Politeka, Natasha Koroleva went to fight against Ukraine.

Also Politeka told me that Natasha Koroleva appeared before the fans in the shortest dress.