The Queen boasted her husband: “first of all took off his pants…”, spicy video

Королева похвасталась своим мужем: "сначала снял штаны...", пикантное видео

The Queen made a racy photo of her husband

Renowned artist Natasha Koroleva often pleases fans of a variety of publications in social networks. This time the singer posted a series of videos in which her husband, the stripper Sergei Glushko, better known under the alias Tarzan, undresses on camera to the music and swimming in the pool, according to Znaj.

Королева похвасталась своим мужем: "сначала снял штаны...", пикантное видео

Tarzan the music of the first half-masted his pants and then took them off. Then took off his shirt and boasted torso to the camera. All captured on video by the Queen, and she only trimmed their feet in the frame.

Королева похвасталась своим мужем: "сначала снял штаны...", пикантное видео

Earlier it was reported that the Queen came on stage in the outfits of the 90-ies of the last century. To speak of Natasha chose white lace Cycling shorts, red mini-skirt and jacket of the same color. Also, the artist was a white t-shirt with her photo.

Fans of the actress quickly took to comment on this video. Some were delighted with the publication of celebrity, while others were very surprised. Also the husband of Natasha Koroleva shocked fans with a new photo in the social network. The picture shows the singer sitting in the company of the famous Russian comedian in an unbuttoned shirt, and he touches the breast of a stripper.

Also recently in Russia held a concert in honor of the birthday of Natasha Koroleva. It was a lot of fans of the singer and her husband Sergei Glushko, who did a joint photo with their idols. So here are some photos just scare the fans of the couple. And it was connected primarily with the appearance of the men Queen.

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As previously reported, American blogger Nude Yoga Girl in the photo that took to his Instagram Svetlana Loboda has already been learned about the act of the singer. The foreigner was genuinely shocked by the behavior of Svetlana Loboda and her team, whose members are trying hard to hide that violated intellectual property rights.

Blogger Nude Yoga Girl said that just do not understand why Loboda is trying to impersonate her.

“A CELEBRITY is pretending to be me! I can’t understand why people with 5 million subscribers is stealing my photo and pretending to be me !! What is wrong with people? Why would you do that. Svetlana Loboda?”, — she writes in her appeal.

Recall, Loboda stunned completely naked photos.

As reported Politeka, juicy Loboda broke off her towel and shook her chest.

Politeka also wrote that a well-known blogger accused of stealing Loboda: “Why would you do that?”.