The pursuit of loneliness can be a symptom of depression

Стремление к одиночеству может быть симптомом депрессии

With the arrival of autumn decreases the duration of daylight, the world loses colors, rainy, grayness, dirt. How can we not depressed?

Indeed, seasonal depression — a common phenomenon in our time. Doctors say that this condition occurs when lack of the human brain serotonin production directly related to the number of hours of sunshine. Politeka have prepared for you 5 a symptom of the autumn Blues. If you have at least one of them, do not worry, with autumn depression you need to fight.

1st symptom: depressed mood, desire for solitude

If you are sad and nothing happy, it’s possible that it is autumn melancholy makes itself felt. Try to engage her in confrontation with the morning Wake up with a smile, prepare yourself a hot chocolate and turn on your favorite music. Pay attention to your diet by adding foods that contain “happy hormones”, such as bananas and chocolate. To cope with the lack of sunlight by using hikes in the Solarium. And don’t forget about communicating with nice people — it could be the best cure for seasonal malaise.

Стремление к одиночеству может быть симптомом депрессии

2nd symptom: a sharp decline in activity, drowsiness

In the fall, and so reduced the opportunity to obtain the necessary vitamins with food, so with the onset of cold weather it is best to forget about diets. Add to your diet more vegetables and fruits, and don’t forget about the foods that can improve mood. It is a grain bread, rice, spinach, dried fruits, citrus, nuts, dairy products, chocolate.

Try to use every opportunity for walks in the fresh air and start to exercise — it will improve not only mood but also health.

3rd symptom: irritability

Try to smile more, even if you have to make an effort. A smile helps produce endorphins — hormones of happiness. Refrain from excessive demands on yourself and look for the positive in everything. If you are lonely, you get a pet, which will help to cope with autumn depression better than any medication.

4th symptom: resentment

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To get rid of unnecessary resentment, just talk with him honestly about what is happening in your life. Use the mirror, standing before which, you can voice all your concerns. But remember, you are owed nothing. Don’t waste your life on empty insults, so you may miss many beautiful moments.

Стремление к одиночеству может быть симптомом депрессии

5th symptom: negative attitude, low self-esteem

Don’t look at autumn as a period of warm shapeless sweaters and wool socks. In the fall possible and it is necessary to change the hairstyle, make new friends and fall in love. Think about how to learn new knowledge or to find a interesting hobby. Be busy — this is one of the best cures of depression.

Recall, dependent on the weather: what factors lead to depression.

As reported Politeka, the seven rules for effective struggle with autumn depression.

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