The Prosecutor SAP has recognized that the court withheld the results of the examination on the “Rotterdam+” – lawyer

Прокурор САП признал, что от суда скрыли результаты экспертизы по "Роттердам+", – адвокат

Lawyer Irina Odintsov said that a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (ARS) and the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) have the results of examination, confirming the economic validity of the adoption nanoobrazovaniya formula “Rotterdam+”.

About it the lawyer said on his page on the social network Facebook, Ukrainian news reports.

According to her, earlier in mass media appeared information, according to which NABU to manipulate the results of the examination. On this occasion, the lawyer filed a motion to the judge to grant the defense these documents.

“The Prosecutor Vitaliy Ponomarenko confirmed that such expertise is really there, but the ARS can choose what to provide to the judge and what is not. And do not consider it necessary to provide these expertise. In fact, the Prosecutor acknowledged that the respected expert organization of the Kiev research Institute of judicial examinations has an opinion different from the opinion of NABU and SAP, so use it conclusions they do not want. As I do not want to provide this expertise to the court, although article 9 Ugolovno-procedural code of Ukraine directly commits fully and impartially investigate the circumstances of production and how to identify those circumstances that expose and those that justify a suspect or accused. On the contrary, we have a vivid example of how the prosecutors concealed from the court disadvantageous to them expertise,” wrote Odinets.

According to the lawyer, “to manipulate public opinion in the case “Rotterdam+” from NABU and SAP comes out very successfully.”

“Now we understand that there is a manipulation not only in media but in court, and work with the expert evaluation. This confirms the political motivation of this case and the manipulation of evidence by NABU”, she said.

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We will remind, earlier the Internet-the edition “Business” has published an investigation, according to which SAP tried to manipulate the examination. According to the newspaper, attempts to persuade experts to the correct conclusions during examinations may indicate the presence in the actions of the Prosecutor SAP official signs, and perhaps criminal, crimes.