The prophecy of the end of the world is beginning to come true: “this signal will bring the world…”

Пророчество о конце света начало сбываться: "этот сигнал принесет миру..."

Israeli experts told about the creature that will bring upon the Earth global changes

In Israel, the beginning of a self-fulfilling prophecy about the end of the world. Foreign editions announced the birth of a harbinger of the Apocalypse. This signal predicted by the ancient religious books.

In Judaism believe that doomsday will come shortly after the birth of an unusual animal — a red calf. Such was recently born in Israel. According to the Scriptures, it is possible to perform the rite of sacrifice sacred cows to get the full cleansing and forgiveness of sins. But with him will come to Earth a new era. It can bring humanity to the universal prosperity or destruction of all living things.

Пророчество о конце света начало сбываться: "этот сигнал принесет миру..."

Religion has established very strict requirements for a sacrificial calf. His skin and coat should be completely red without any stains. Great attention is paid to the physical health of the victim. It is noted that for the successful fulfillment of the ritual animal should never work in the field, or wear the yoke.

This happens very rarely. Because the Israeli experts are very concerned about the appearance of a red calf. The researchers plan to study carefully the newborn animal. During the preliminary examination, the experts found no clear health problems. But the calf is still unable to admit to the rite, if you find on the skin of even a tiny spot or the slightest flaw.

Пророчество о конце света начало сбываться: "этот сигнал принесет миру..."

Experts told the media that the red bulls were already born before: in 1997, 2002 and 2010. However, the expertise found in babies with different defects.

In connection with the birth of the red heifer certain Jews prizivaut to restore the Third temple in Jerusalem on the Temple mount. This structure is described in the book of the prophet Ezekiel and is associated with the appearance of the Messiah. A few years ago in Israel, even of the artificial removal of the sacrificial calf. Scientists were going to use the embryos of “Red Angus” to get the desired offspring from the other cows.

We will remind, the legendary prophet called the exact date of the end of the world: these predictions are terrifying, he still wasn’t wrong.

As reported Politeka, scientists have confirmed the date of the approaching Nibiru: disaster on Earth is inevitable.

Politeka also wrote that the end times will come at Easter: NASA’s sounding the alarm, “in 38 days will be trouble”.