The prophecy of Karl Lagerfeld about Putin is true: “precision strikes”

Пророчество Карла Лагерфельда о Путине сбывается: "точность поражает"

The head of the fashion house Chanel Karl Lagerfeld before his death foresaw the future threat of Russian President Vladimir Putin

In 2012, the world-famous fashion designer went to the newspaper Metro in Paris. At that time, he worked as chief editor of Metro World News. Journalists of Russia, suggested to Karl Lagerfeld to portray Vladimir Putin. The portrait of the President was a real prophecy.

On a sheet of paper Karl Lagerfeld with startling accuracy portrayed the President of Russia in the Grand crown, which occupied most of the cartoons. Most likely, thus a fashion designer has displayed the true nature of Vladimir Putin — conceited leader. It is worth noting that while the artist admired the personality of the President. As it turned out, Vladimir Putin was the inspiration for Lagerfeld. “This is a young man who could rule Russia for as long as he wants,” — said the designer.

Пророчество Карла Лагерфельда о Путине сбывается: "точность поражает"

The vision of Karl Lagerfeld started to come true in 2014, when Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimea from Ukraine and tried to capture the Donetsk and Luhansk region. The actions of the Russians became a revelation for the entire international community. Many clearly saw that the Russian President suffers from a pronounced megalomania and Imperial ambitions, as reflected in the crown from Karl Lagerfeld. A number of experts have openly accused Putin of imperialism.

As you know, the President of Russia is really not planning to leave power. So in 2018, the Russians have elected Vladimir Putin for a fourth presidential term. In fact, the politician ruled the country since 2000. Albeit briefly allowed in the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, who has held the post for one term in 2008.

Пророчество Карла Лагерфельда о Путине сбывается: "точность поражает"

Unlike Vladimir Putin, other men from Russia, Karl Lagerfeld admires. Moreover, the designer noted the ugliness of the Russians: “If I were Russia, I’d be a lesbian because you have a very terrible man.”

It is worth noting that the legendary Karl Lagerfeld died 19 February 2019. At the time of the death of fashion designer turned 86 years old. How to write foreign publications, creative Director of fashion house Chanel was urgently hospitalized in the evening of 18 February. The day before he was put to the American hospital in Paris after a sharp deterioration of health.

Journalists reported that in the last days of his life, Karl Lagerfeld was very weak because of illness. At the last Haute Couture fashion week in Paris, the designer for the first time in his career not on the catwalk after the fashion show.

Recall, Lagerfeld long concealed a terrible disease before dying: “close revealed the truth.”

As reported Politeka, Lagerfeld published a post at the time of death: the world in shock.

Also Politeka wrote, who will lead the Chanel after the death of Lagerfeld: “I was with him for 30 years”