The prohibition to shoot soldiers APU: Homchak opened all the cards, the details of the order

Запрет стрелять бойцам ВСУ: Хомчак раскрыл все карты, детали приказа

On Donbass there is a war, so no Ukrainian military personnel were forbidden to answer the Russian occupation troops on armed provocations

In an interview with reporters said the head of the General staff of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak, the BBC reported.

In particular, Ruslan Homchak decided to dispel the rumors that he allegedly gave fighters APU team to respond to attacks on militants after a meeting of the TAG in Minsk.

Запрет стрелять бойцам ВСУ: Хомчак раскрыл все карты, детали приказа

“No commands are given. There is a war, and all the commanders are there in their places. Squad leader in command of the Department, platoon commander — platoon, company commander — company. They have no teams to say no,” said he.

“Well, as you can in the war to say, beat you, and you do not answer. This is one of the elements of information-psychological war, who launch into the air, supposedly someone came and gave the command not to respond to the attacks”, — stressed the chief of the APU

He also noted that the war never happen and no one who knows anything about the war, similar commands to his subordinates will not.

“And such teams, these teams I haven’t heard from our military and political leadership, and I have these commands were not given. And I know for sure that the commanders are there in OOS these commands were not given and will not give,” — says the head of the General staff.

According to Ruslan Hamakom, understand that it is not necessary to provoke, but the Ukrainian fighter, which fired and that five years of fighting, can not respond to the provocations of invaders. On the question of the interlocutors on the situation in the zone of the wasps, he said that there constantly occur fire collision, but the aggravation that can enter into a panic Ukrainians, no.

Запрет стрелять бойцам ВСУ: Хомчак раскрыл все карты, детали приказа

“Fighting everyday life in the area where there is a clash of two warring sides,” he said and added that there is always provocation and attempt to discredit the Ukrainian army to show that power in Ukraine can not control the situation.

Summing up, the commander of the SCU noted that sudden changes in the behavior of the occupants there. However, despite the agreement of the withdrawal of forces in the Village, Luhansk has not happened, although the head of state gave such command and power EP ready, but it should be five days of silence.

“Our military has studied the enemy completely, have a complete picture of what is happening there and where the enemy is. We try not to provoke,” concluded Homchak in an interview.

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