The products must be in the child’s diet: tasty and healthy.

Продукты, которые должны быть в рационе ребенка: полезно и вкусно

In the autumn it is very important to change the diet for the child to receive essential nutrients for growth and development

Young and growing bodies need balanced and light diet, this is the key to good health, writes с

What changes you need to make baby food in the fall, read our material.

Продукты, которые должны быть в рационе ребенка: полезно и вкусно

“It is important to understand that feeding children should not be fundamentally different from food of adults in the fall. The child and his parents must get from food enough polysaturated fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, vitamins and other nutrients,” says professional dietitian, nutrition specialist adults and children Ekaterina Tolstikova.

The nutritionist notes that there are a number of products that must be in the diet:

Eggs with yolks. It is best to choose the quail eggs, but chicken quality is also good.

Whole cereals. Wheat, oats, buckwheat and barley porridge will be helpful for your child. However, before they boil, the grains need to be soaked.

Potatoes. This vegetable will be a source of complex carbohydrates and fiber. However puree to give the child should not be better simply boiled or baked pieces.

Vegetables. You can make broccoli puree, pumpkin, squash, tomato and other vegetables. As such, the children usually eat much more readily than in solid form.

Продукты, которые должны быть в рационе ребенка: полезно и вкусно

As for the autumn diet, the nutritionist notes the following:

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Fats. Of them is known to be formed nerve tissue, hormones, strengthens the nervous system, they contribute to the formation of cognitive abilities. They are found in avocados, butter, seeds, oily fish. However, to give saturated fats a product too often is not worth it.

Berries. You can eat them in a smoothie or berry puree. In this case, mashed together you can add bananas, apples and other fruits. Note that fresh juices and juices to the child it is better not to give.

Sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke, the turnip will be able to dilute the autumn diet of the baby.

As for dairy products, you should include in the diet: hard cheese (up to 30 g per day), vegetables or sweet cheese casserole, but with a small percentage of fat.

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