The prize in Amelie Hewett

etudiants-cegep-jonquiere-mathieu-chouinardSensitive performer and gifted composer, student at Cégep Saint-Laurent Amélie Hewett spring winner of the 37th edition of the provincial finals in CEGEPs show, presented Saturday night at the Theatre National Bank in Chicoutimi.

Simple, funny and sincere, the young woman has charmed hundreds of people present with his two compositions, one guitar and one piano. She left besides the competition, which clashed ten finalists come from colleges across the province, with several participation in music festivals, in addition to Desjardins $ 3,000 scholarship.

Regional officials, Mathieu Chouinard and Gabrielle Savard-Dion Cégep de Jonquière, also moved the room with their contemporary dance number Synergy, even if they were not the favorite of the jury. Mixing several styles and chaining worn on a French version of Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran, the duo put in the shoes of a young couple straight out of the era of our grandparents. We feel the complicity that unites them, so talented dancers that comedians introductory video directed by Gabrielle Savard-Dion.

In the same discipline, Raphaelle Renucci and Flora Spang Cégep du Vieux Montreal won the purse Creation $ 1,500. Very fragmented and expressive, the two dancers have joined the theater and music in their number by planting a beautiful scene of chaos. They managed to bring the audience into a world where broccoli arouses passions, all very assumed. The first artist first emerged from a pile of clothes and created a piece of music only from disparate strange sounds and words. She did not hesitate to execute complicated figures with his partner and their choreography was sought, although some could find it just plain weird.

First evening number, the group’s Chouines of Notre-Dame-de-Foy campus has won the latest $ 1,500 scholarship, offered by the Federation of CEGEPs. The musicians Vincent Chouinard, Elizabeth Lavallee Ariane Roy and Anne-Rose Tremblay also participate in the International Festival of University Music in Belfort, France. Students have created a very soft atmosphere, the singer was only informed at the beginning of a lamp on her piano. Young women were then mixed their voices and instruments to musicians to form a melodious harmony of suggestive texts.

It is a very varied spectacle that awaited the audience, since a magician teleported even the torn corner of a six of diamonds in the capsule surprise of a chocolate egg. Pierre-Antoine Bernard du Cégep de La Pocatière, even though he has not won a prize, can boast of success to reflect the crowds on the “illusion of truth” and “preconceptions”.

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