The priority of the VR should be the adoption of a Law on opposition and the new Electoral code with open lists, – Vadim Novinsky

Приоритетом ВР должно стать принятие Закона об оппозиции и нового Избирательного кодекса с открытыми списками, - Вадим Новинский

On this week’s session the deputies are going to consider a number of bills filed under the loud name of “parliamentary reform.” “And is a complete reform of Parliament without a law on the opposition?

The adoption of this law, a faction of the OPPOSITION BLOC insists for a long time, making the decision in 2015 (No. 0948). The same applies to intentional deprivation of the opposition in the leadership of parliamentary committees”, — said today, may 13, to the leaders of parliamentary factions and groups during the conciliation Council of the faction “OPPOSITION BLOC” Vadim Novinsky, reminding colleagues about their true purpose for the Ukrainian society. The leader of the opposition called top priority – the adoption by Parliament of the law on opposition and the new Electoral code with open lists.

“The Parliament has to move on to a constructive relationship with the newly elected President in order to ensure the normal operation of all state institutions, and not to be element of intrigue Petro Poroshenko, which today lays the Foundation for a long confrontation, drawing in this division and we are with You, and the whole country,” said Vadim NOVINSKY.

“Parliamentary elections are coming soon. The Parliament has another chance for the remaining four weeks of session to consider amendments and adopt the second reading of the Electoral code, which will give the opportunity to create a new Parliament without the corruption component in the form of a mazhoritarka on the basis of open lists, political parties! That such a law and such decisions are waiting for us voters!” — said the leader of the opposition Vadim NOVINSKY.

The politician is sure that this will be a real step towards a reform of the Parliament and the electoral system as a whole. But, according to him, is obvious to all is the fact that the Parliament in its activities is guided by the fear of the parliamentarians are afraid of an early dissolution of Parliament, are afraid of elections for new transparent basis, as well as the loss of the ability to form a Parliament exclusively according to the proportional system. Today, according to Vadim NOVINSKY, the Verkhovna Rada works, if it is in a political vacuum. Representatives of the coalition deliberately ignore the socio-economic problems in the country that require immediate solutions and is able to bring long-awaited peace in Ukraine.