The Prime Minister’s wife ran off with the money, the details of the scandal, “had an affair with…”

Жена премьер-министра сбежала с деньгами, подробности скандала: "Закрутила роман с..."

Princess Haya, who escaped from the ruler of Dubai and UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, suspected cheating spouse

It is known that 69-year-old Sheikh accuses 45-year-old wife in inappropriate behavior with the bodyguard, a former officer in the British army. She was showered with gifts, what was the reason for the suspicions, reports “”.

It is reported that Mohammed bin Rashid caught one of his six wives, along with a bodyguard at his mansion during an unexpected visit to London in may and found that a couple of the deals too closely. According to sources, he was “shocked” by the behavior of his wife and demanded that she immediately return with him to Dubai. The Princess refused, and now the couple divorced.

Жена премьер-министра сбежала с деньгами, подробности скандала: "Закрутила роман с..."

Mohammed bin Rashid at the end of June in social networks has published a poem, composed by himself. He turned to his wife and called her a traitor and a sinner, which is lying.

Princess Haya ran away from a spouse with children and 40 million dollars (about 1 billion UAH). It was reported that she disappeared in early February. It was assumed that the woman is hiding in Germany along with 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, and also sought refuge there.

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Жена премьер-министра сбежала с деньгами, подробности скандала: "Закрутила роман с..."

It is suspected that she was worried for his safety after he learned from the bodyguard about the fate of the sheikhs Latifi, who is the daughter of Mohammed bin Rashid. She tried to escape from his father in March 2018, but it managed to catch the UAE. The media began to say that she could be tortured and locked up, but information has not been confirmed. Themselves Emirates authorities claim that the girl feels well and spends more time with his family. It does not explain why she never appeared in public since, when he tried one last time to escape from the country.

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