The Prime Minister will stick to the latter: “post will not go”

Премьер-министр будет держаться до последнего: «с поста не уйдет»

According to the head of the government, despite criticism of his colleagues, from the post to go she is not going

Prime Minister Theresa may said that she will remain at his post, as if it is not criticized for her strategy for Brexit.

And the work may not approve of her subordinates, and colleagues from the Conservative party, writes Today.

Премьер-министр будет держаться до последнего: «с поста не уйдет»

It is also reported that Ministers wanted to meet with Teresa may and convince her to refuse the proposal of the deputies of the second referendum on Brexit.

Meanwhile, his resignation was announced by the head of the house of Commons of great Britain Andrea Lesdom. According to her, she no longer believes in the ability of the government may implement a referendum on leaving the EU.

As we wrote earlier, one of the most powerful women in the world, Prime Minister Theresa may has danced at a conference in Birmingham.

Theresa may demonstrated their dance skills at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

When the Prime Minister came on the scene under a well-known hit group ABBA Dancing Queen, she began to swing your hips, wave your hands and sing along. Then she stood behind the podium and continued to dance. This caused excitement among its supporters: they loudly applauded and smiled.

Mei was a black Trouser suit with barely visible stripes, white top and black high heel shoes. Silver jewellery with larger chains from Amanda Wakeley and makeup with an emphasis on the Burgundy lipstick shade complements her business outfit.

Earlier, the UK responded to the statement of the Kremlin to Scriply.

UK statement on the Kremlin’s will Kripalu replied that he considered it “a manipulation and a lie. Attempts by the UK to get an explanation from Russia over the poisoning of former Russian spy in Salisbury is always faced with the “manipulation and lies”, and this has not changed, said on Wednesday the press-Secretary of Prime Minister Theresa may.

Премьер-министр будет держаться до последнего: «с поста не уйдет»

So the British authorities reacted to the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov that London was accused of the assassination of the violinist, calling members of the Russian intelligence actually supposedly ordinary civilians.

“These men are officers of the Russian military intelligence, GRU … the Government revealed the role of GRU, his operatives and his methods, this position is supported by our allies,” — said the press Secretary told reporters.

Recall that in Britain, refused the deal on Brexit, may was defeated: the details of the controversial vote.

As reported Politeka, Theresa may stuck in the car under the office Merkel: the Chancellor laughed, a video.

Also Politeka wrote that Juncker followed in the footsteps of Mae and “lit” in Brussels: “dancing with the stars” are resting.