The price of gas will collapse: taken a sensational decision, the “record mark”

Цена на газ рухнет: принято сенсационное решение, «рекордная отметка»

In August, the price of gas for the population will change

About it reports a press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The price of gas for Ukrainians will fall by at least 5.5%, which is in comparison with July. It will be no greater than 4.64 thousand UAH without VAT per thousand cubic meters thus, the gas price for population in Ukraine will be reduced in total by 25%. This is a record mark for the last time:

“Despite the resistance of the monopolist, we have found a solution and made “Naftogaz” to sell the public gas is cheaper. The price for blue fuel for the population as a whole for the three months decreased from 5803 to 4640 UAH without VAT. As a result of government regulations, the price of gas has fallen by 25%,” — said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Цена на газ рухнет: принято сенсационное решение, «рекордная отметка»

We will note, earlier we wrote that the President’s representative in Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus was named factors that will affect the price of gas.

According to him, it depends on the situation with transit of Russian gas reserves in Ukrainian underground storage facilities.

“If Gazprom will block all ways the transit of gas through Ukraine, it can cause a certain deficit. So the price can go up,” explains Gerus.

As he said, the situation will change if the issue of transit will be solved.

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“Now comes the purchase and injection of gas while it’s cheap, in the maximum volumes in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities, so we were ready for winter. If we upload it gas and at the same time reduce our consumption, including through energy efficiency, the situation is quite stable. No worries about the lack of gas, or about some super-high prices will not” — said Gerus.

Цена на газ рухнет: принято сенсационное решение, «рекордная отметка»

Ukraine pumped 15,02 billion cubic meters of gas into underground storage. According to the head of Naftogaz, Andrey KOBOLEV, the stocks need to increase by at least 5 billion “cubes” of gas, enough for the heating season.

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