The price of gas in Ukraine: Zelensky made a loud statement, the details

Цена на газ в Украине: у Зеленского сделали громкое заявление, подробности

The President’s team of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he is considering the possibility of reducing gas prices

This was stated by the head of the presidential Administration Andriy Bogdan, reports UNN.

“We are considering various ways of reducing gas prices. But these decisions we may make after consultation with international partners, because the dependence of Ukraine, unfortunately, the previous government, their decisions, a very high dependence on the IMF and other international organizations,” he said.

Цена на газ в Украине: у Зеленского сделали громкое заявление, подробности

Moreover, according to Bogdan, to date, Ukraine has found itself in a situation when forced to coordinate its actions with the International monetary Fund, because there is a risk of negative consequences in the credit and financial policy.

As previously reported, the presidency of Vladimir Zelensky threatens the existing power of the “great destruction”. This was told by psychic-psychic Maksim Gordeyev. He explained how to interpret the four “sign” seen during the inauguration of the President. Psychic stresses that they cannot be regarded as full of harbingers, but they have some value.

“All this cannot relate to the characters. For example, if the new President was on the throne, and at this moment fell off a piece of the coat of arms – it would be a sign. Or, for example, if in this moment into the hall flew a crow,” — said Gordeev.

He gave the example of a full-fledged omens, which began with the presidential term of Petro Poroshenko.

“A clear sign that fall the soldiers were with Poroshenko on his inauguration fallen soldiers,” — says the expert.

He also spoke about how the presidency Zelensky.

“Any presidency can not bear the well-being or ill-being of the country. Everyone has negative aspects and positive. Every President of Ukraine, including Yanukovich, you can find something good that he has done for the country,” — said Gordeev.

Цена на газ в Украине: у Зеленского сделали громкое заявление, подробности

Recall Zelensky “beheaded” APU, there are details.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky prepared the first important assignments.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has signed the fateful document.