The price of electricity to the state of “Energoatom” has grown by a quarter in a new market

Цена электроэнергии государственного "Энергоатома" выросла на четверть в новом рынке

The cost of electricity production enterprise “NAEK” Energoatom “on trading in the new market model increased to 0,7 UAH/kW·h, which is 24% higher than the tariff in force before 1 July (0,57 UAH / kWh).

This was announced by the state-owned company President Yuriy Nedashkovsky, writes news portal

“If we talk about the formation of prices, 90% of the old rate (even below the 56 cents), and about 11% we sold in the market “for days forward” due to the fact that there is a market price, overall, we found the increase in the average tariff. This increase is less than the value, which we set out in the financial plan for the second half. we planned that we have in the second half of the year the average rate will be 90,19 kop/kW-hour, and we still got about 70 kop/kW – hour,” he said.

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Nedashkovsky called a step forward to start the business in a new market, and obtained three days of sale – perfect.

“The work of the company in a new market — we have no problems. All the money that we had planned for three days, we all received … to sum up, the three day everyone was very rhythmically,” — said Nedashkovsky.