The price of coal according to the “Rotterdam+” is the lowest for Ukraine summary of the meeting with the President with the participation of NABOO

Цена угля по формуле «Роттердам+» является самой низкой для Украины – итог совещания у Президента с участием НАБУ

Yesterday in the Office of the President has passed the resonance, the meeting on the state of Affairs in the energy sector, reduction of prices and tariffs for electricity for industrial enterprises

According to sources the Censor.No, were invited for the meeting of the SBU, NABU and SAP, writes

President Vladimir Zelensky asked the question: when will be reduced electricity tariffs for businesses? This position was supported by the Federation of employers.

The representative of “Ukrenergo” stated that the tariffs can be reduced.

Je Sens troch pcvisit ncnu CNU s point Zora croogo obmezhennya – perhaps, of about 10%. And denna ZnO – sniziti, Oskolki won digit high, than in usih Cranach Vropy. Denny price cap can zmenshiti 20%. So, TSE Mauger dati dodatkowe snejanna knapova rate for spozhivche has 9%,” – said the President predstavnik in Urad Andriy Gerus”
– about it wrote the head of the Council of the Federation of employers of Ukraine Dmytro Oliynyk.

The Cabinet and representatives of NERC (national electricity regulatory Commission of Ukraine – Approx. ed.) with the position of “Ukrenergo” disagreed, especially emotional was the Minister of energy Nasalik. And then it turned out that the issue of tariffs is not as important compared to the question is at what price to buy coal?

It turned out that Ukraine loads to the warehouses, more than 49 thousand tons of coal per day, and the actual consumption – 73 thousand tons per day. Consumption is not compensated. If the stocks are not replenished, they will last only until mid-October. The situation is critical and requires quick decisions.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a decision: how to buy coal for thermal power generation?

Began to discuss the coal. It turned out that coal is now profitable to buy or in Colombia, at 1,900 hryvnias per tonne, or… according to the “Rotterdam+”. The NAB and the ARS are loud criminal case, and assess the damage from the schema in 19 billion.

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“Rotterdam+,” said dekovic Timchenko, now provides the lowest prices – 1,700 UAH per ton. Well, that is quite likely – the Donbas coal, which is sold through Russia for several hundred kilometers around the front, will, of course, cheaper than any other delivery scheme of any other coal. Here the scheme from DTEK in Russian.

Цена угля по формуле «Роттердам+» является самой низкой для Украины – итог совещания у Президента с участием НАБУ

Paradoxical situation. What goes to the court of NABOO and the ARS at the “Rotterdam+” if the new Cabinet will be forced to re-organize cheaper purchases from Russia over the same “Rotterdam+”?

The situation for coal is the same principle as gas – if we achieve independence from Russian supplies, then we must be willing to pay more. Of course, a certain difference is to change the scheme of deliveries of coal can be fast enough, it’s still not a pipe.

But the solution is not accepted.

Apparently, to reduce tariffs for industry and replace “Rotterdam+” something else will have a new Cabinet. Energy problems remain unsolved and it is one of the first challenges facing the new government.

Yury Butusov