The President’s son severely humiliated in the restaurant, spit in the face: shocking details

Сына президента жестко унизили в ресторане, плюнули в лицо: скандальные подробности

An unpleasant incident occurred in one of the cocktail bars Chicago

The President’s son believes that it is a disgusting act, but the woman has some obvious emotional issues.

The incident happened in the Chicago cocktail bar Aviarу. There son Donald trump Eric spat the employee. It happened all of a sudden, according to us media.

Сына президента жестко унизили в ресторане, плюнули в лицо: скандальные подробности

The hooligan was detained by the Secret service. The official representative of the Chicago police Anthony Guglielmi said at the scene the police went to help the Secret service.

35-year-old Eric trump called the act of women “disgusting” and added that, in his opinion, she had “some obvious problems with emotions.”

Also in the incident he accused the Democrats. “The democratic party preaches tolerance, but it once again shows that they are all bad with politeness. If a person is so ill that he was ready to spit another person, it only highlights their desperation and the fact that we are winning,” – said Eric trump.

Adding that the detained employee of the bar was soon released. The administration of an institution suspended its work and stated that is conducting an internal investigation.

It is reported that the son of the President of the United States will not press charges.

As we wrote earlier, against the President has put forward serious charges for alleged acts committed in the 90s. In particular, the serious allegations put forward by the famous American writer Jean Carroll.

She said that in the mid-90s, the leader of the White house Donald trump allegedly raped her. The President of the United States denies any allegations.

In his article, the writer Jean Carroll described the meeting with Donald trump in late 1995 or early 1996 in a prestigious Department store in new York. She claims to know him, and he told her that buying a gift for the “girls”.

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According to her, Donald trump knew she was a television journalist and they joked, podrachivaya each other try on lingerie. The writer claims that they then went to the locker room where the current President of the United States raped her.

Trump and Carroll at the time was about 50 years old, and he was married to Marla maples. The writer explained that he had told two friends about the incident, one of whom advised her to contact the police, and the other was advised not to tell anyone: “Forget about it! He has 200 lawyers. He will bury you”.

Сына президента жестко унизили в ресторане, плюнули в лицо: скандальные подробности

Trump strongly denies the accusations Carroll. He also called her story “fiction”. According to the President of the United States, I never met her, but her motive to accuse him of a desire “to sell a new book.”

Recall that Zelensky has asked the U.S. surfaced details of the private conversation.

As reported Politeka, trump called Zelensky in the United States, at stake is the fate of Ukraine: disclosed significant date.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has held crucial talks.