The President was allowed to shoot corrupt: details hard initiatives

Президент разрешил отстреливать коррупционеров: подробности жесткой инициативы

The President allowed the population to use weapons against the public sector employees who demand bribes

However, to kill corrupt forbidden — not to go to jail for murder, people were asked to shoot them in the legs.

This decision was made by the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, reports the Manila Bulletin.

“If you pay taxes, fees, customs duties, and these fools ask for money, hit them. If you have a weapon you can shoot them but not kill them, because otherwise you might not get a pardon in the outcome of the proceedings,” said Duterte.

Президент разрешил отстреливать коррупционеров: подробности жесткой инициативы

According to the head of the state, such actions do not involve imprisonment and are considered as “severe corporal punishment”.

“Corruption has become a widespread problem in the country. It’s a worm sitting inside almost everyone in the government,” he said.

Duterte asks Filipinos to defend their rights and to report every case of corruption or an offence involving officials. The President said that if the incident comes to his attention, he will call that officer and allow the requesting person to hit offender in the face.

Президент разрешил отстреливать коррупционеров: подробности жесткой инициативы

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Lawyer and politician Rodrigo Duterte became President of the Philippines from June 30, 2016. The officer is known around the world for his tough stance on the fight against drug addiction. But despite this, Duterte allocated over 200 thousand dollars from the local budget for the construction of drug rehabilitation center.

In 2003, he announced the provision of a monthly allowance to every addict who comes to him and promise to stop doing drugs.

The President has repeatedly criticized the Commission on human rights. For example, in September 2015, the tourist did not want to put out a cigarette in the bar, thereby violating the anti-Smoking law. Duterte personally came to the bar and forced the tourist to swallow the cigarette butt.

Recall Duterte admitted that at 16 killed a man.

We also wrote that the militants attacked the security Duterte.

Even politeka reported that Duterte asked the military to shoot him.