The President struck a rapid blow at the enemy, start the sweep: “We decided to act”

Президент нанес стремительный удар по врагу, начнется зачистка: "Мы решили действовать"

It became known about the preparation of the operation for cleaning of the territories of the self-defense forces

Turkey may decide to launch the operation in Syria in the coming days, said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. According to him, the aim of the operation will be to clear the Syrian border of the territory to self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds, the establishment of a security zone and to embed in Turkey Syrian refugees.

The leader of the country believes that the creation of a security zone on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic is the most rational way for the return of citizens of the state home.

Президент нанес стремительный удар по врагу, начнется зачистка: "Мы решили действовать"

“We decided to act independently. We will pursue this action and on the ground and in the air. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow we will start,” added Erdogan.

Ankara and Washington were trying to negotiate the creation of a buffer zone in Northern Syria that will be able to accept Syrian refugees from Turkey in 2013, but the parties long could not agree upon a preliminary plan of action.

7 August, they finally decided to create a Center for joint operations in Syria, which will undertake the organization of joint activities of the military of the two countries in the planned safety zone. Damascus opposed the agreement between Ankara and Washington. The SAR government said that the actions of the two countries are a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, and also contrary to the principles of international law.

Президент нанес стремительный удар по врагу, начнется зачистка: "Мы решили действовать"

Also earlier it was reported that the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has declared the end of the war.

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“The war in Syria is really over. The country is gradually returning to normal, peaceful life”, — said Lavrov.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that there are still “tensions”. This applies not controlled by the Syrian government areas in Idlib province and near the East Bank of the Euphrates river.

Lavrov believes that the priorities in Syria now — the provision of humanitarian assistance and support political process to resolve the crisis in the country.

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