The President of the Association of energy of Ukraine suggested that the head NABOO to think about retirement

Президент Ассоциации энергетики Украины предложил главе НАБУ задуматься над отставкой

Sytnyk must resign if it turns out that “Rotterdam +” has not brought losses of the electric power industry

This opinion was expressed by the President of NPP Alexander Trohimets the channel 112. This was reported by Ukrainian news.

“I asked the Rush question: if it turns out that “Rotterdam +” in fact, from a legal point of view, from a legal do not damage the electric power system, you as a policeman ready to retire? He says: this is a provocative question. I say: of course, this is a provocative question, because you claim that the opinion, have the slides in them, on the website, the NEB says that according to the detectives NAB, was the damage state 18000000000 hryvnia, of which 14,3 received a private company. I think everyone understands that this is for a private company. This is the charges? It to trial they have a verdict? And the fact that I as a lawyer at all crazy to look at it all and hear when trying to just pump information and information space and to create public opinion in advance of innocent people or guilty of any of the companies. This is wrong, ” — explained his proposal Trohimets.

The President of the Association of energy of Ukraine is convinced that the NEB does not have sufficient evidence in the case “Rotterdam +”, because the formula repeatedly successfully passed a specialized examination.

“In law there is the concept of legal expertise. And only forensic experts. It can be technical, economic, and merchandising. There are different types of expertise, they are all enshrined in the relevant instructions. Only these experts have the right to make a forensic examination and give its opinion. We heard and read in the media that in previous years was carried out it is judicial-economic examination according to the “Rotterdam”, and was not found violations in the decision. This is confirmed by the judicial decisions of the administrative court. Because the administrative court considers complaints concerning adopted by the public authority decision in two aspects. The first is the essence of the decision itself, they were taken right from an economic point of view, from a legal point of view. It filling. And the second is from the point of view of the procedure of its adoption. Because such decisions are regulatory in nature, and there is a certain order of making, it public comment. And, in particular, on the “Rotterdam +” was a public discussion. That is, the draft decision this was 30 days free access. All market participants, including consumers could go there and provide your suggestions or comments. But this was not done. And then there are activists, as Gerus, Leshchenko, Sobolev, who began to cash in directly on this issue “, — he stressed.

As reported, on 8 August 2019, the detectives NAB under the procedural guidance of prosecutors SAP operational support SBU said the six persons involved in the adoption of the so-called formula “Rotterdam +”, on suspicion in Commission actions in which consumers of electricity caused 18870000000 hryvnias of losses.

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In early September 2018 European Association for coal and lignite (EURACOAL) said that he believes the definition of indicative price of thermal coal based on average prices of coal on the European market (index АРИ2 in the Dutch port of Rotterdam) the best indicator of coal prices for Ukraine.